Sons of Anarchy 6: Why Maggie Siff’s Tara Were Killed

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One of the most tragic deaths in the Sons of Anarchy series occurred in season six, and it involved Tara, played by Maggie Siff. This is why she had to perish.

The murder of Tara (Maggie Siff), Jax’s wife, in the Sons of Anarchy season 6 finale is one of the show’s most tragic moments. Find out why Siff departed the series. Sons of Anarchy, which Kurt Sutter created, began airing on FX in 2008 and ended there in 2014 after seven seasons. Throughout its whole run, the series garnered a lot of positive reviews and accolades for its plot, tone, and lead actors’ performances, as well as for its examination of issues including racism and corruption.

The television series Sons of Anarchy centers on Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the vice president of the fictitious Californian motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy. Everything starts when Jax discovers a manifesto written by his late father, John Teller, who was one of the club’s original members. This causes Jax to reflect on the club’s goals and direction as well as his connections, family, and even himself. The deaths of Jax’s best friend Opie (Ryan Hurst) and his wife Tara Knowles-Teller were the two most significant tragedies in the seven seasons’ worth of Jax’s personal journey.

Sons of Anarchy’s debut episode featured Tara as the medical professional who cared for Jax’s infant son Abel. It was soon discovered that Tara and Jax were high school sweethearts. Tara left Charming when she was 19 and later returned to work at the neighborhood hospital. They finally got back together, she was given legal custody of Abel, and she and Jax subsequently had a baby they named Thomas after Jax’s late brother.

Jax and Tara’s marriage started to fall apart as the series went on, especially when Tara was kidnapped and injured her hand in a van door as Jax fought the kidnappers, preventing her from doing surgery for a spell. The situation worsened when Otto (Sutter) exploited her to obtain the necessary information to kill her while she was in prison for conspiring to murder a nurse. This prompted Tara to take all possible measures to keep her family and her boys away from Jax, his family, and the club, but a catastrophic misunderstanding with Gemma (Katey Sagal), Jax’s mother, resulted in her passing at the conclusion of season 6.

Fans found it difficult to accept Maggie Siff’s departure from Sons of Anarchy since they had followed Jax’s journey with her in both her personal and professional life; following Opie’s death, she had been Jax’s main source of guidance. Sutter was aware early on in the series that Tara wouldn’t survive to the conclusion because he had a specific vision for Jax’s narrative. Sutter revealed to TVLine in 2013 that he wanted to take away Jax’s “True North” because he believed Tara’s death was necessary for a “huge mental and emotional transformation” that needed to take place.

This, along with Opie’s passing, served as the catalyst for Jax’s tale throughout Sons of Anarchy season 7, as it showed a bereaved Jax losing two of the people he loved most (one by the mother’s hand), sending him on a downward spiral fuelled by bitterness and retribution.

Jax’s tale needed to advance and achieve Sutter’s intended conclusion, and Tara’s death made that possible, completing Jax’s narrative arc. As Tara only wanted her family to be safe and ultimately used her backup plan in case something happened to her, it was undoubtedly heartbreaking for viewers to see one of the most significant characters in Sons of Anarchy die in such a cruel and violent way just because there was a lack of communication between those involved.