7 Free Tricks to Clean Your Home Like a 5-Star Hotel

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Although maintaining a clean house might be difficult, few things can match the sense of living in a neat, germ-free environment. However, there are always a few crevasses and blind spots that go unnoticed. Cleaning them will, above all, assist us in taking care of our health. Cleaning them may alter our view of our house and make it seem even more comfortable.

Here at Egzoplanet, we’ve gathered some advice that might assist you in maintaining a cleaner and more peaceful house.

1. Behind and underneath the fridge

It takes more than simply cleaning the interior to keep a fridge clean. Pay close attention to the coils and the back vent. Both components are necessary for the appliance to function properly.

To remove all the dust that has accumulated in the vent—the area that circulates air to cool the appliance—use a cloth. You may also use a toothbrush or a towel on the coils. To increase the lifespan of your refrigerator, perform both once or twice a year.

2. Bath sponge

No matter what substance (natural or synthetic) your sponge is composed of, the ridges frequently gather dead skin, soap scum, and dust. It should be carefully rinsed after 5 minutes of bleach soaking to clean it.

3. Laundry basket

Particles that are emitted by perspiration or dirt from clothing collect inside washing baskets. If you have a plastic hamper, clean it once a week with baking soda and warm water or disinfectant wipes. If it’s made of cloth, you may throw it right in the washer.

4. Shower curtains

Because they are in a moist environment, shower curtains can grow mildew and become discolored with soap and shampoo residue. Since all you have to do to clean them is toss them in the washing machine, they are simple to clean.

5. Toilet brush

The cleaning brush is used to clean the toilet as well as remove debris from it. What about its handle and the holding vessel, though? Cleaning all of these components sometimes with disinfectant wipes is also crucial since they might become bacterially overgrown.

6. Carpet

It’s not a good practice to sweep or vacuum the floor solely on the top and sides of carpets and rugs. Lift them up to clear away all of the dust that collects there. You’ll experience a sense of freshness in the space.

7. Walls

You can clean walls even if they don’t have stains on them. You may wipe the walls to get rid of extra dust or fingerprints in the same way that you would clean the floor, furniture, or windows with a moist cloth. Keep in mind the bottom borders!