People made such hilarious comments on YouTube videos that they ultimately outperformed the videos.

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A comment area somehow manages to genuinely bind viewers together. People on the internet love to comment, whether they are connecting over a music that has changed their lives or sharing advice on how to produce tomatoes in their gardens without killing them.

In addition to Youtube, we also see it on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, and even right here on Bored Panda. Although users can post their own comments, respond to threads, and like comments, the culture is what makes the comments section on Youtube intriguing.

The last time I viewed a YouTube video without viewing the comments is a long time ago. I’m sure there will be something entertaining or educational down below, and I’m interested in what other viewers will say. A video normally presents one viewpoint, but the comments may present a variety of viewpoints. I don’t always check the comments on social media platforms, though.

I’m less interested in what other people have to say on Instagram because it’s more about seeing what my pals are doing. It’s unlikely that many people will comment. On YouTube, however, viewers interact with one another to create a sense of community, and as this list will demonstrate, that community may have a future in comedy.