Artist creates confusing mashups by combining two celebrities into one.

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These images could at first glance appear to be standard celebrity photographs, but upon closer investigation, you should discover something isn’t quite right. They are genuinely nonexistent individuals! Well, sort of.

Benjamin from France combines two well-known faces to produce a completely “new” individual. Through this, he has amassed a large following of more than 100,000 people, and the number just continues growing.

The digital artist avoids using well-known altering programs like FaceApp. In its place, he employs Photoshop. This enables him to meticulously craft his face fusions.

Billie Eilish + Steve Buscemi

Christian Bale + Robert Pattinson

Shakira + Keira Knightley

Brad Pitt + Robert Redford

Will Smith + Chris Rock

Anya Taylor Joy + Taylor Swift

Adele + Sarah Paulson

Johnny Depp + Timothée Chalamet

Gary Oldman + Alan Rickman

Katy Perry + Orlando Bloom