7 Clever Photography Tips That Can Save You a ton of cash

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A excellent photograph’s eye, not the camera it was taken with, is what makes it such. Trying out various viewpoints, angles, compositions, and shooting techniques may transform a mediocre shot into something spectacular. The good news is that you don’t have to be a skilled photographer to make the most of your phone images and dazzle your social media followers.

Egzoplanet would like to share some simple tips with you that will up your photography game. Check out and save these original tips for your upcoming picture shoot so you may become an expert lens manipulator.

1. Construct a custom reflection effect

Take two mobile phones. With one, you will snap the photo, while the other will have its screen turned up. Utilize your smartphone’s screen as a “mirror” to add a reflection to your shot.

2. How to take a stylish flying picture

Turn on the front camera on your smartphone and set it down. Ascend the step. To appear as though you are floating over the camera, move your feet just a little bit above the edge.

3. Rotate your camera to capture a mirrored image that is much more intriguing.

If you already have a beautiful location where you can snap a natural mirror image, turn the camera 90 degrees to add extra intrigue.

4. Make a vintage-inspired portrait.

Both a CD and a torch are required. Ask a buddy to hold the CD on the camera’s one side while you use the other hand to shine the lamp in its general direction. Play with the lighting to get a unique vintage image.

5. Image of falling petals

Put some flower petals in an umbrella to create this charming photo. To achieve the ideal petal rain snapshot, swiftly rotate the umbrella and take many pictures.

6. Comply with these instructions to obtain a miracle injection.

In front of a mirror, stand. Spray the mirror with a few droplets of water.
Zero out the exposure on the camera.

Place your palm below a couple of the drips after turning on the flash.
Take the photo to capture a really amazing moment.

7. Homemade photo filter

Put your smartphone inside a clear plastic bag that you can see through. Use a red and blue marker to cover the area where the camera is. The outcome will be a picture with a filter you created.