15 Twitter moms and dads share hilarious moments when their toddler’s used curse words

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There’s a saying that says the truth is in a child’s mouth. And what if the truth is presented in profane language? Some individuals view this as a parenting failure, while others feel that profanity is acceptable in principle.

In any event, because cursing is such an important part of our culture, youngsters will hear these words from their parents, neighbors, or older children on a stroll. Regardless, it appears harsh when tiny children use swear words, but it is actually rather charming.

Recently, Ruth Brooker, a British blogger and a mother of two small boys, shared on Twitter what she called her “parenting fail” as her four-year-old child sympathized with the tired mother in an obscene form. True, it even sounded funny – so the tweet turned out to be very popular. As of today, it has almost 8.5K retweets and over 135K likes. And of course, it inspires people to share their own similar stories.