Writing For Season 5 Of Stranger Things Has Begun In This BTS Image

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Using a behind-the-scenes photo from the writer’s room, Stranger Things season 5 officially begins writing on day 1 of the process.

Exciting news is on the way for Stranger Things season 5 as it officially begins writing in a behind-the-scenes photo, while its return date is undetermined. The Netflix series, which was created by Matt and Ross Duffer, also known as the Duffer Brothers, centers on a tiny fictitious Indiana town in the 1980s as they deal with a myriad of supernatural threats from the perilous other realm known as the Upside Down. The Upside Down’s relationship with Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven, a young girl with telekinetic skills whose abilities seem to bond her to the terrifying other place, is the main focus of Stranger Things.

In season four of Stranger Things, the majority of the key protagonists were dispersed around the nation and became aware of Vecna, a creature from the Upside Down that is killing young people in Hawkins apparently at random. Vecna is a terrifying new menace. While David Harbour’s Hopper is discovered to be alive and being held captive in Russia by Winona Ryder’s Joyce and Brett Gelman’s Murray, Eleven and her allies must confront Vecna before he executes his sinister scheme. The fourth season of Stranger Things received generally positive reviews from critics and people alike and has dominated Netflix’s popularity, setting up an exciting final season that viewers might not have to wait too long to see.

Stranger Things season 5 has begun writing, little over a month after the last two episodes of season 4 were shown. Using a BTS photograph of their dry erase board with the show’s title logo, the number 5, and the message “Day 1,” the writers room shared the news through the Stranger Writers Twitter account. Check out the thrilling news below:

Just over a month after the Duffer Brothers indicated that writing will start at some point in August for the final season, it has been revealed that Stranger Things season 5 has started. It’s especially interesting because it comes just after David Harbour said scripting had started on the upcoming season and that season 5 filming may start in 2023. It appears probable that Harbour was alluding to the Duffers wanting to take a little vacation before returning to writing given that narrative concepts for the series were being created before to the formal start of writing.

The final season of Stranger Things is believed to be shorter than the usually feature-length season 4, thus it appears possible that Harbour’s 2023 filming start production will materialize now that season 5 has been formally scripted. The final season of Stranger Things will premiere on Netflix somewhere in 2024 if the Duffers and their ensemble cast stick to this production timeline, creating a two-year gap rather than the three-year gap between seasons 3 and 4 that COVID delayed. The first four seasons of Stranger Things are currently available to watch on Netflix as viewers wait for further information about the upcoming fifth season.