Why Viserys Really Never Told Daemon About Aegon’s Dream

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In House of the Dragon, Daemon Targaryen reveals that Viserys never told him about Aegon’s dream, proving that Daemon was never going to be his heir.

In the House of the Dragon season 1 conclusion, Daemon eventually learns about Aegon’s dream, but his response shows that Viserys made the correct choice by keeping it a secret. Rhaenyra informs Daemon that her oath extends beyond her own personal ambition to the Song of Ice and Fire as she examines Alicent’s peace proposal. Rhaenyra is choked by a perplexed Daemon who claims, “Dreams didn’t create us rulers. Rhaenyra now understood that Viserys never informed Daemon about the Targaryen prophesy. Dragons did. This not only demonstrates Rhaenyra’s legitimacy to herself, but it also sheds light on the dynamics between Daemon and Viserys.

Since Viserys didn’t trust Daemon with it or think he would give it the attention it demanded, Aegon’s dream was kept a secret from him. Due to Daemon’s intense personal ambition over his responsibility to the realm and mankind, Viserys never appointed him his Hand or his successor. Contrarily, the 14-year-old Rhaenyra was aware of her obligations despite her rebellious tendencies, and she never really wanted to be Viserys’ heir; instead, she yearned for her father to have a son in the first episode of House of the Dragon. Daemon never demonstrated that he could be trusted with the best-kept secret in Targaryen history, and Viserys loved his brother despite this.

Was Viserys Right Not To Tell Daemon About Aegon’s Dream?

The fact that only Rhaenyra was informed about Aegon the Conqueror’s dream shows that Viserys placed the responsibility of it in the correct hands because Daemon would never have taken it seriously. Upon discovering the dream, Daemon most likely would have had even less regard for his brother and may have allowed the prophecy’s weight to pass along with him. Viserys frequently underlined how important Aegon’s dream was to him, thus it’s probably for the best that the Rogue Prince was kept in the dark if he didn’t trust Daemon to carry the load.

The Implications of Daemon’s Response for Aegon’s Dream

Although Daemon has always been a volatile individual, under Viserys’ rule he was able to keep much of it under control around his family. Daemon’s anger became unrestrained due to his overwhelming sadness at his brother’s passing as well as the extra hurt of Viserys never entrusting him with Aegon’s prophesy. Daemon is rejected by his brother once more, and even from beyond the grave, he is aware that Viserys has always held Rhaenyra in higher regard. In addition to being a physical expression of Daemon’s sorrow, choking Rhaenyra after hearing about Aegon’s dream is also Daemon’s attempt to prevent Rhaenyra from carrying on Viserys’s “weak and feckless reign.”

Daemon is saying that he would never place his faith in dreams above the strength of dragons and strength by strangling Rhaenyra. Daemon will thus make an effort to sabotage any choices Rhaenyra takes that are influenced by her allegiance to the Song of Ice and Fire prophesy. Daemon doesn’t believe in dreams, and he won’t allow the same omens that hampered Viserys to undermine Queen Rhaenyra’s rule in the House of the Dragon. Due to the impending war and the danger to her life, Rhaenyra will also need to be more selective about which child she confides in with Aegon’s dream. She will also need to inform her heir as soon as possible.

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