Why Jax Had To Meet Mr Mayhem

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Sons of Anarchy is a dark and unsettling television series, as was already mentioned. Jax getting some sort of happy ending would be noticeably out of character.

By Sons of Anarchy season 7, Jax has experienced a character metamorphosis remarkably comparable to that of Michael Corleone in the Godfather trilogy; he is now fully assuming the role of criminal boss and has been gradually growing more and more sinister.

Additionally, after killing Jury White (Michael Shamus Wiles), the leader of the Sons of Anarchy Nevada charter, SAMCRO is compelled to approve Mr. Mayhem’s meeting.

Such an unapproved killing is not permitted within the motorcycle gang and is punishable by death, as is the case with other aspects of organized crime. Of course, by the time Jax is murdered off in Sons of Anarchy’s season finale, both his personal and criminal worlds are swiftly collapsing.

Additionally, SAMCRO grants him the option to commit suicide, which he accomplishes by colliding with a tractor-trailer. Instead of dying violently at the hands of Mr. Mayhem, Jax dies on his own terms in a dramatic, Shakespearean scene that is purposefully reminiscent of the death of his own father.