What The Ring Means To Godwin At The End Of Vikings Valhalla Season 2

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The second season of Vikings: Valhalla concluded with Emma sending Godwin’s wife a present, which elicited an odd response from him: a ring. This is why.

The subplot between Queen Emma (Laura Berlin) and Godwin (David Oakes), in which the former gives the latter’s wife a ring, caused Godwin to have an intriguing reaction. Read on to see what the ring means to him in this episode of Vikings: Valhalla.

While the focus of Vikings: Valhalla is primarily on Vikings (both pagans and Christians), the show also emphasizes English aristocracy, primarily since Canute gave England a Viking king in season 1. (Bradley Freegard). The saga of King Canute, Queen Emma, and Godwin is continued in Vikings: Valhalla season 2, with the latter two’s marriage irreparably broken.

Godwin prevented an attempt to poison Emma by watching out for her safety since he was sure someone wanted Emma dead. Emma, however, discovered that Godwin, who had previously confessed his greatest wish with his then-fiancée Aelfwynn (Maria Guiver), was the brains behind her assassination attempt.

His future son would rule England. When it appeared that Emma was no longer suspicious of Godwin, she delivered a wedding gift to Gytha (Henessi Schmidt), who was Godwin’s wife. This elicited a very intriguing response from Godwin; what does the ring represent to him, and why did Emma give it to Gytha?

Why Emma Gave The Ring To Gytha In Vikings: Valhalla Season 2

When Emma noticed Aelfwynn’s response to seeing the assassin’s body hanging in a public location, she became suspicious that Godwin was responsible for her murder attempt. It turned out that he was actually her brother. Despite Godwin’s assurances that he was unaware that Aelfwynn had a sibling, Emma’s research revealed that Godwin had requested assistance from a guy by the name of Bear and had then hired Aelfwynn’s brother to perform unpleasant tasks.

That was sufficient proof for Emma that The Bear was Godwin’s guardian at the time that his mother passed away and his father was incarcerated. The Bear was already dead when Emma and her guards arrived, so she took the ring that was hanging from his neck and gave it to Gytha as a wedding gift.

Gytha, who doesn’t exactly know whence the present came from, gladly consented when Emma urged her to wear it constantly, explaining that Godwin would be reminded of his past if she didn’t. Godwin noticed the Bear’s ring hanging from Gytha and realized that the Bear was already dead and that Emma was well informed of every move he was about to make. By delivering the ring to Gytha, Emma made a very clear statement to Godwin that she no longer trusted him. However, Godwin will now need to be on the lookout because Emma is also a skilled player.

What Will Happen To Godwin In Vikings: Valhalla Season 3

Godwin’s ambitions are only beginning because he still has to produce heirs to the English throne even if he is now a member of the royal line as a result of his marriage to Gytha. Even if Canute is unaware of what Godwin did, it is unlikely that she will act as if nothing happened because Emma knows she can no longer trust him. Season 3 of Vikings: Valhalla will include a new interaction between Emma and Godwin, one that will be marked by considerable tension. Given that both characters possess exceptional intelligence, it will be interesting to watch how they will go moving forward.

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