Vikings: Valhalla star teases dead character’s return in season 2

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Since its Netflix debut, Vikings: Valhalla has received just as much praise and attention for its engaging tale, passionate characters, and the gory, suspenseful adventure it presents.

The events in The Vikings spin-off, which is largely based on historical events, occur one hundred years after those of its predecessor. It continues the bloody tale of Vikings and England’s royals and chronicles the stories of notable historical individuals including William the Conqueror, Freydis Eirksdóttir, and Erik the Red Leif Erikson.

It also had several gory, unexpected surprises, one of which was Jarl Haakon’s passing in the first season of the show, in typical Vikings manner.

The fictional character Jarl, based on a true historical figure, reigns over the Kattegat region and has what appears to be precognitive abilities.

She mentors and supports the pagan warrior Freyd’s (Frida Gustavsson) throughout the entire series, teaching her how to be a shieldmaiden. Her appearance on the show, however, was cut short when she died in the battle between the Kattegat and Jarl Kre (Asbjrn Krogh Nissen).

Despite her untimely passing, Caroline Henderson, who plays Jarl, has claimed that we might be seeing more of the strong character.

Henderson stated in a statement to Metro, “We don’t actually know that [she won’t be back].”

She could appear as a ghost or something, I suppose.

The actress continued, believing it was “an fantastic part to portray,” even if her character’s return was not a realistic prospect.

Jarl was “very brilliantly written because she goes into this knowing certain stuff that she doesn’t reveal,” she said, praising the show’s writing.

“She is a firm believer in her pagan religion. She knows what will happen, therefore I think depicting that and being a part of that journey were great “Added she.

Caroline continued by commenting on audience comments that Jarl Haakon was a historical masculine person, which had previously sparked some objections about the casting decision.

I want to make that clear because I’ve heard some people mistakenly think it’s a male character, but it’s not, she exclaimed.

“She is entirely a fictional character and is in no way a male. Having said that, she is undoubtedly motivated by powerful warriors and rulers throughout history, both male and female.”

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