Vikings: The Best Battles, According To Reddit

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The battle scenes in Vikings are just one of many elements that contribute to its success. Which, however, are more striking? Redditors know the solutions.

Most of how Vikings portrays the Viking Age is realistic, with disputes being settled via bloodshed rather than through peace accords. The drive to conquer new territories and the idea that war dead gain entry to the Norse heaven of Valhalla both contribute to the impulse to fight.

Numerous conflicts occur during the course of the series in various Wessex, Scandinavia, and Frankia locales. They are all interesting, but not all of them are of the same caliber or importance. Every fan has a favorite battle, but a few stand out significantly more than the others, according to Reddit.

Battle Of The Brothers

BeanItHard elaborates, “My favorite Vikings battle was in season 2 episode 1 when the two shield walls form up with spears as the main weapon and all clash. The conflict between Jarl Borg and Rollo’s forces and Ragnar and Horik’s forces is known as the Battle of the Brothers.

One of the biggest Viking betrayals was Rollo’s decision to work with Jarl Borg. In a world where soldiers are driven by ambition, Rollo turns against Ragnar in an effort to escape the latter’s glare. Throughout the narrative, brothers of powerful men, like Halfdan, commit this error. Highlights of the fight include Rollo’s jump over the shield wall and rear-attack on his brother’s troops. In the end, Ragnar triumphs due to his clever tactical maneuvers, forcing Rollo to offer an apology.

The Battle Of Edington

Ivar and King Harald band together to fight the forces of Wessex in one of the battles that take place near the end of the series. The blue fog, according to AvrilsSk8erBoi, “created an amazing atmosphere,” and “King Harald’s death was amazing.”

The Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons engage in combat against one another multiple times during the series, but this one is possibly their most crucial due to the startling results. Ivar and King Harald, two of the finest characters on the program, are eventually killed off, putting a seal on the fact that the series is indeed coming to an end. Viewers also get to see Hvitserk become a Christian and the Viking forces submit to King Alfred, which is a rare occurrence.

The Siege Of Paris

Folsyzulu8373 claimed that the siege had “excellent character moments” in addition to “an outstanding set-piece where the strategies on both sides made sense.” In the conflict, Norse soldiers undertake an unsuccessful effort to annex Frankia.

The Redditor is correct in that there are some amazing character moments. A lot happens during the two attacks, most notably Rollo being convinced by Emperor Charles to turn on Ragnar once more. Additionally, since the majority of battles in the series take place on land, the series of attacks during these specific events are novel because they primarily take place on the water. However, Ragnar’s demise actually starts with his defeat during the siege.

Skirmish At Whitley Bay

With the remark, “Seeing them do the wall of shields for the first time got me pumped,” Skm47 cites the beach fight as their favorite. When Ragnar makes a second trip to England to raid Hexham, a fight takes place.

Even if the Vikings prevail in the conflict, it might have been avoided. They unwittingly left one of the Anglo-Saxon warriors to run during the initial assault, leaving themselves open to a greater force’s onslaught. Ragnar, though, demonstrates superior military strategy by instructing his warriors on how to repel every assault. King Aelle’s promise to one day utilize the pit of snakes to murder one of the Vikings in the battle’s aftermath acts as a moment of foreshadowing. And with Ragnar, he actually does it.

Battle Of The Tyne

King Aelle and others in his inner circle agreed to pay off the Northmen so they could depart since they were sick of dealing with them. But it’s really a deception, and the moment the Northmen realize they’ve been given empty chests, they’re attacked. We observed evident strategy from both sides, says Redditor tafkapw, who enjoys the conflicts.

The Redditor is correct in saying that both sides have excellent plans. Since the Vikings have a voracious thirst for metal and gold, it is a wise strategy to trick them with empty chests. The Vikings, however, being the wise people they are, just so happen to have hidden wooden stakes that they employ to stop the Anglo-Saxon cavalry. As a result of his resounding victory, Ragnar not only gets to kill King Aelle’s brother Aethewulf but also receives the promised 2000 pounds of minerals.

The Wessex Forest Ambush

The one “where Horik’s first son gets slain quickly,” according to Ghostlyiamage, is their favorite. They are referring to the occasion when, shortly after docking, Ragnar and Horik’s soldiers were relaxing in a woodland when they were ambushed.

Horik only has himself to blame for what happens because it is he who convinces Raganr to go back with him to Wessex. Horik has no successor now that Erlendur and Ari are both deceased. Despite the significant defeat, the Northmen successfully repel the attack to once again establish themselves as the best defenders. Athelstan, who is typically reserved, also scores his first victory and receives an arm ring.

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