Vikings: Storylines The Show Dropped

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Most story arcs in Vikings were satisfactorily resolved by the series conclusion, although several previous plotlines were just forgotten.

In the series conclusion, the enormous, wide universe of Vikings was largely satisfactorily resolved. The bloodline of Ragnar continues, albeit through unborn, unrecognized, and newborn offspring whose futures are unclear. The Sons of Ragnar are dispersed, with the majority dead and others seeking new paths outside of Viking civilization. The majority of the characters’ storylines are satisfactorily resolved in the series finale, including the return of Floki after an excruciatingly lengthy interval during which it was unclear if he was alive or dead.

Not every tale, though, was as cleanly resolved as the one involving the Sons of Ragnar and their partners, allies, and foes. Some plots with enormous promise were abruptly discontinued or given a hurried conclusion that fell short of what may have been throughout the course of the program.

Harbard’s Mysterious Identity

In the third season, Harbard made an appearance as a mysterious wanderer with a seemingly amazing influence on women. He also had the capacity to make Ivar’s anguish vanish miraculously. He had an affair with Aslaug for two seasons, along with many other women in Kattegat, and he also makes some people question whether he’s really Odin hiding out.

This had a ton of promise because Ragnar is frequently described as an ancestor of Odin, which made the idea of his meeting Odin quite alluring. There were signs that Harbard would need to accept something in exchange for his assistance with Ivar, and sleeping with Aslaug had the potential to result in a demi-god birth or another complicated predicament. But in the end, he simply vanished. He left Kattegat by himself and was never seen or heard from again.

Thorunn Disappears

The origin tale of Bjorn’s first wife was amazing, with the two falling in love as Thorunn was released, trained as a warrior, and sent into combat by Bjorn’s side as a shieldmaiden. She lost hope after suffering severe injuries and facial scarring, cut off communication with Bjorn, and ultimately decided to leave Kattegat.

Fans anticipated that she would eventually return, that during her wanderings she would pick up new abilities and maybe even acquire magic, and that upon her return she would find a much older Bjorn and discover that her daughter had also passed away. There were so many possibilities that it came as a bit of a surprise to everyone when she suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Bjorn’s Daughter is Exterminated

The daughter she and Bjorn shared is mentioned in the Thorunn plot that was scrapped. Siggy, Bjorn’s first child, should have played a significant role in the series. Siggy was neglected after Thorunn left, and she finally drowned accidentally.

Fans anticipated Siggy’s life, with her training as a shieldmaiden and potential succession to Lagertha, as Bjorn’s firstborn child. The most unexpected aspect of the plot is how few folks cared when she was murdered off as a toddler. Her passing was rarely discussed and didn’t appear to have any impact on Bjorn at all. Her passing being so soon to a time leap may help to explain some of this, but it was still obvious that she was a character who was quickly written off.

Elsewith’s Pregnancy

Another plot line with real potential was when Bjorn slept with Elsewith, who would become Alfred’s future wife. A descendant of Ragnar could be heir apparent to the English throne, which would be even more unbelievable given that Judith’s own son, Alfred, was the offspring of Athelstan and not her own husband. Before Judith passed away, Elsewith did reveal that she was pregnant as well, giving supporters hope that something might result from this (even though the time wasn’t exactly right).

Her pregnancy, though, soon vanished into the background. It became inconsequential rather than a child and a paternity issue developing into a larger drama. Of fact, Alfred’s narrative wasn’t over because he and his struggles continued to play a significant role in the program up to the actual end, but this specific plot line burned away.

Magnus Was of No Use

Magnus, the son of Kwentrith, was mentioned as a probable Ragnar descendant. Kwentrith claimed to have had a sexual encounter with Ragnar, and Ecbert first took her word for it, keeping Magnus near. Ecbert was exiled, only to later join the real Sons of Ragnar, as Ragnar admitted (shortly before his death) that he had never slept with Kwentrith and Magnus was not his.

There were many possible outcomes, and it appeared that a new Son of Ragnar—even a fake one—who was left behind by King Ecbert as a kid should develop into a more significant subplot in the future. Magnus did not do much, other than join the Sons of Ragnar and eventually succumb to death, when he finally did emerge. It was a dismal conclusion for a character who didn’t really contribute much to the plot.

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