Vikings: King Haralad’s Best Quotes

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King Harald is one of the most ambitious kings in the television series Vikings, and he frequently makes wise quotes.

More than any other Viking, King Harald “Finehair” Halfdansson is thirsty for power. He spends his days working to fulfill his ambition of being the first individual to control all of Norway. In addition, despite being Ragnar’s friend, he ends up having a love-hate relationship with his sons.

King Harald has some of the sharpest dialogue in the historical drama, in addition to fantastic character arcs. His comments are frequently motivated by a number of things, such as his ambition, his desire for love, his regrets, and his philosophical beliefs. Harald never fails to say something wise, whether he is being admirable or annoying.

He declines Ubbe’s offer to negotiate when

“It’s Not A Matter Of Negotiation. It’s Always A Matter Of Blood.”

When Ubbe tries to negotiate with Harald at the Battle for Wessex, one of the most significant conflicts in Vikings, Harald adopts a tough posture. He gives the impression that he is uninterested in further peace agreements.

Harald, like many other Norse characters on the show, prefers to carve open people’s abdomens over engage in civil discourse. Everything has to do with the desire for war and the idea that soldiers who die in battle will gain immediate access to Valhalla. He must follow Ubbe’s instructions this time, though, as raiding England is no longer as profitable as it was during Ragnar’s time. As a result, he agrees to accept his payment and sets sail.

Following Astrid’s rejection of his marriage proposal

“What Can I Say? I Am Not Lucky In Love.”

When Harald’s men rescue him from Lagertha’s detention facility, they bring Astrid along. He declares to the public that he plans to marry her, certain that she would accept his proposal. However, while they are alone in his bedroom talking, she slaps him. He downplays the incident when he returns to speak to the crowd while feeling embarrassed and having a broken nose.

Because Astrid is angry at being uprooted from the life she was used to, they make one of the worst Viking couples. Despite the financial benefits of being a queen, she preferred serving as a shield-maiden for Lagertha. The only person she genuinely loved was Lagertha. She ultimately accepts her fate, but after being sexually attacked and becoming pregnant, her situation worsens. Finally, she decides to end her life.

When he emphasizes the significance of having faith in leaders

“They Can Suffer Reversals, Defeats… But You Must Give Them A Chance To Prove Just Why They Rose In The First Place.”

Harald notes that there is considerable unhappiness among the populace not long after agreeing to an alliance with Bjorn in York. He emphasizes the need of abiding by leaders.

There are two perspectives from which to analyze Harald’s remarks. They exhibit a sense of entitlement in one area. He thinks that because leaders are special, failure should be accepted when it comes from them. His remarks, however, emphasize the significance of never giving up on people. He believed that everyone merited a second chance.

The moment he minimizes Ragnar’s legacy

“What Is There In A Name? Nothing!”

When Harald asks Jarl Olavsonn to leave Ivar and assist him in establishing control over Kattegat, Jarl Olavsonn is dubious. He asserts that because Ragnar and his three live sons are legendary, they should not be insulted. Harald disagrees, arguing that all names eventually fade away.
Olavsonn is correct, but like many previous kings on the program, Harald thinks he is the only one who matters. He doesn’t believe it makes sense to hold back his own goals in order to preserve someone else’s legacy. He doesn’t owe Ragnar anything because he never truly got to know him personally.

As He Approaches Ingrid

“‘The Best Fruit Is Always Forbidden.”

As his rivalry with Bjorn is at its most heated, Harald chooses to take the easy way out by courting Ingrid. Even though she is with Bjorn, he attempts to convince her that sleeping with him would be a good idea.

Compared to Harald’s earlier pickup lines, this one is considerably better, yet Ingrid still rejects him, therefore it is ineffective. She can sense he doesn’t really care about her. He only wants to be mean to Bjorn. But once Bjorn passes away, ambitious Ingrid decides to wed Harald since she believes he is her last chance to succeed.

The moment his bodyguard is fired

“Shane’s Ambitious. I Am Not Sure I Trust him.”

Harald comes to the conclusion that Shane is more of a threat than a guardian angel after spending some time researching him. As a result, he announces his plan to remove him from office and install a new employee.

On the show, it has been repeatedly demonstrated that traitors always emerge from within. Because of this, wise leaders always look out for their interests. Harald is certain that Shane will usurp him from the throne in the same way that Kalf usurped Lagertha if he doesn’t take action. It’s mostly quick thinking that keeps Harald alive.

When he talks to Ivar about his goals

“There Is An Illusion Of Power That Induces Inside You A Kind Of Madness.”

Harald acknowledges that he has been a little too ambitious in life, to the point where it has led him to do unreasonable things, after welcoming Ivar and Hvitser back to Kattegat. Ivar concurs and adds that he has also been that way.

While Harald suffers from power-related blindness like many other characters on the show, he goes about it much more cautiously, so the repercussions he experiences are less severe. Even the brutality of Bishop Aldulf’s eventual execution of him does not compare to the deaths of other leaders.

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