Stranger Things Why Vecna Did Not Kill Eleven and Instead Wanted Her To Watch

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In Stranger Things season 4 volume 2, Vecna had the option of killing Eleven, but instead had her watch as he methodically murdered Max. This is why.

Vecna wants Eleven to see his murder of Max and the destruction of Hawkins in the Stranger Things season 4 finale rather than simply murdering her and getting rid of her for forever. Despite missing the most of the season’s battle with Vecna, Eleven ended up becoming his greatest foe. She was not only crucial to the outcome of the conflict, but she also played a role in his transformation into Vecna.

It became very evident how crucial Eleven was to the overall plot of Stranger Things season 4 when it was revealed that Number One was Vecna. She regained her abilities just in time for the anticipated clash, but she was unable to get to Hawkins. The youngsters’ “piggyback” strategy, however, rendered that unnecessary. She had an opportunity to fight the bad guy when she hopped on in Max’s imagination. But the issue was that she was unable to overwhelm him quickly enough. Vecna had the upper hand and was in total command for some minutes. He actually had the option of killing her, but chose to save her life.

Vecna had the opportunity to murder Eleven while she was imprisoned in his mindscape. However, it was probable well before their fight that Vecna wouldn’t have been content with simply murdering her. Since episode 7, it has been clear that she was more than simply a faceless foe to him. He has a personal stake in defeating Eleven because of their previous interactions. When he spoke to Nancy and sent a message to Eleven, he made a suggestion about this. He always intended for the two of them to cross paths again. Killing her at the first chance was never an option since this was something he had been building to for a long time.

What Motivated Vecna To Want Eleven To See Hawkins Destroyed?

Vecna added, “Now I simply want you to watch,” before focusing on Sadie Sink’s Max, admitting that he no longer believes they can be on the same side. Henry Creel appeared to harbor deep resentment for Eleven even if he sincerely desired to travel into the Upside Down and take on the identity of Vecna.

Because of their similar powers and the suffering they had both experienced at the hands of Dr. Brenner all those years ago, he had always felt a connection to Eleven. To his dismay, Eleven turned his back on him and his predictions for the future. Vecna wanted her to witness what he was intending to achieve by destroying Hawkins with her own eyes at the conclusion.

Thankfully, Vecna’s plan was thwarted. Eleven gave her teammates a chance to make their big move by mustering the strength to repel him. Vecna’s strategy to bring the Upside Down to Hawkins is succeeding, so Eleven may be forced to watch as he achieves what he wants in the end. Of course, in season five of Stranger Things, she and her companions will need to make sure Vecna is stopped before he progresses too far.