Stranger Things: Why Bob Was Killed So Early

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In Stranger Things, Bob Newby was a potential contender for a multi-season storyline, but the character was killed off early for a good reason.

In Stranger Things, Bob Newby was a potential contender for a multi-season storyline, but the character was killed off early for a good reason. Many people were introduced to the Netflix sci-fi show via Bob’s appearances in Stranger Things season 2, which was portrayed by Sean Astin of Lord of the Rings. Bob’s appearance on the program was short-lived despite his innocence and exceptional likeability because he was slain in the penultimate episode of season 2. While some viewers could claim that he was removed off the show too soon, his narrative ended up being longer than it had been originally intended to be.

Season 2 of Stranger Things featured Bob as Joyce Byers’ lover (Winona Ryder). Bob was frequently at the Byers house where he tried to be a father figure to Joyce’s boys, Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Will, aside from working at the neighborhood Radio Shack (Noah Schnapp). The character wasn’t a formidable opponent as Chief Jim Hopper was (David Harbour). Of course, his information enabled Joyce, Hopper, and Will’s pals to help the Mind Flayer take control of Will’s body. Hawkins could have used Bob during the Stranger Things season four finale. Bob heroically gave himself up when things became very bad so that the others might still have a chance to survive.

The character of Bob was supposed to be killed off much earlier, even though his Stranger Things death took place in the hospital scene in the episode named “The Mind Flayer.” The Duffer Brothers, who created the show, had planned for Will to murder Bob in the third episode of season 2 rather than being slain by the Demodogs. After the Mind Flayer totally took over Will’s body, Bob was meant to become a victim while transporting the youngster to school.The dramatic demise kept getting postponed due to Astin’s likeability and significance to the season’s plot. However, as Bob was the first significant character to die in the program, viewers were heartbroken to say goodbye to him. Bob’s passing may have seemed premature to some people, similar to how Eddie passed away in Stranger Things, but the Duffers made an appropriate choice.

Bob Almost Survived Season 2 of Strange Things

The Duffer Brothers briefly considered extending Bob’s life through Stranger Things season 2. As was expected, the audience fervently supported Astin’s role, especially given his sense of underdogism. The Duffer Brothers eventually realized that for the sake of the story, they had to continue with their original strategy. Bob was always intended to be a one-season character who made an impression on the others.In season 3, Ryder’s character needed to go through sadness before she could open her heart to Hopper, even though Joyce and her family had already through enough suffering. Will also felt guilty since he lost a father figure in an incident for which he was unwittingly involved. The show successfully created a character that would have blended in with the Stranger Things S4 group during Bob’s Stranger Things journey.

Thankfully, Astin wasn’t taken aback by Bob’s Stranger Things death when he was cast in the show. It was revealed to the actor who had originally tried out to portray Murray Bauman that Bob wouldn’t make it through season 2. Even if the character is no longer present, the series hasn’t forgotten about him. Bob appeared several times in flashback scenes throughout Stranger Things season 3, and there is always a potential that the character will appear in other historical scenes before the series comes to an end.

Bob’s death wasn’t handled as well as it may have been in Stranger Things

Even without Hopper’s ominous insistence that Joyce date him for the whole of season 3, Stranger Things didn’t handle Bob Newby’s tragic death as effectively as it could have. Bob’s passing established a bad precedent because Stranger Things has refrained from taking off another endearing staple (Eddie Munson doesn’t qualify because he was effectively created to die in Stranger Things season 4). Even though it would have denied viewers of more Sean Astin, Bob’s Stranger Things death was probably better as it was initially intended.

Will Byers’ whole story arc from Stranger Things season 2 onwards would have been altered, and he would have had a considerably higher potential for character development, had he been sufficiently controlled by the Mind Flayer to kill Bob Newby (his story, at the moment, places him more as a background figure). It would have been more darker and more terrible for Will to have been Bob’s killer, adding to the dilemma for Joyce. In any event, given how badly Stranger Things season 4 ends for the town of Hawkins, it wouldn’t be impossible for Bob Newby to make a cameo in some capacity. This is especially true if Vecna ultimately confronts Joyce Byers and uses her most upsetting memories against her.