Stranger Things: Unpopular Opinions About Dustin (Per Reddit)

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Despite being a beloved Stranger Things character, some Redditors have opinions regarding Dustin Henderson.

Gaten Matarazzo is presently performing in a Broadway musical of Dear Evan Hansen after spending three years as Dustin Henderson on Stranger Things. Despite the fact that many of his fans know him as the witty and sophisticated Dustin, the actor has previously been on Broadway.

Although Dustin is a well-liked member of The Party, some Stranger Things fans have strong opinions about his personality, including his interactions with Steve Harrington and some of his actions. The opinions expressed on Reddit by users regarding Dustin are open and honest.

In Season 4, Dustin is unfair to Lucas

As everyone on Stranger Things becomes older and more mature, the party has changed. The youthful protagonists still seem to be best friends who genuinely care about one another and love working together to combat Vecna and all of the strange things occurring in Hawkins.

TheRealRoseDallas posted the controversial claim that Mike Wheeler and Dustin are cruel to Lucas Sinclair in season 4 because he plays basketball for his school. Although Lucas has a new passion, it is easy to feel sympathy for Dustin and Mike, the fan places the responsibility on Dustin in this situation. They “were just completely disdainful of his passion in basketball, which gave the impression that their friendship with Lucas is conditional,” the fan stated.

Only when he is with Steve does Dustin make sense

Many people think of Dustin as a humorous guy who likes to hang out with his buddies, explore Hawkins, and play Dungeons & Dragons. Dustin likes animals and is very interested in science. Although he is scared of what is happening, he enjoys excitement and adventure, and he also appears to be enjoying it in secret.

Dustin isn’t a very compelling character on his own, according to Reddit user Original Tamataar, who commented, “Outside of Steve-Dustin relationship, Dustin is not a terrific character.” Although many people appreciate Dustin in general, they like seeing Steve and Dustin together.

Neither Dustin nor Steve ought to be friends

The closeness Steve and Dustin develop is a beloved Stranger Things dynamic. Steve first considers the notion of spending time with someone so young to be absurd and stupid. However, Dustin eventually wins Steve over, and vice versa. They converse, joke, and impart advice on how to be better friends to one another.

Although spectators generally concur that these characters have an intriguing connection that improves and adds dimension to the program, Redditor speedy3702 shared a hot perspective on this friendship. “I don’t like the idea that they made Steve & Dustin actually pals,” the fan commented.

Dustin Is Irritating In Season 4 And That’s Good

Season 4 of Stranger Things features flawed individuals, which makes them more likable and captivating than if they always seemed to know precisely what to say and how to act. Generally speaking, Dustin’s season 4 storyline appears to be well-liked as he befriends Eddie Munson and pursues his interest in the school’s Hellfire Club.

Some Redditors think Dustin in season 4 is boring to watch since he whines and isn’t always happy to see Steve. Reddit user historicityWAT views this as favorable and writes, “Given that Dustin is an older kid attempting to figure out who he is, it makes natural that he is going through a Not Cute phase. It displays good character.”

Eddie treats Dustin badly

Watching Eddie and Dustin become friends thanks to the high school Hellfire Club is adorable. Even if they may not have any other interests, their shared activity appears to be enough to bond them.

When Dustin claims that Steve is envious of him having a “older guy friend” in addition to him, it makes for a humorous quotation. Eddie and Dustin don’t have a very strong friendship or chemistry, according to Redditor t-4y: “Eddie wasn’t a very kind person. At first, he treated Dustin and Mike with bullying and condescension.”

Dustin Is Overrated

Viewers like Steve and Dustin’s sequences from Stranger Things, but that is only one aspect of this young character’s appeal. The contentious statement “Dustin is a tad overrated yet he’s objectively got the finest lines and stories” was made by Reddit user taliotv44.

This is a different perspective on the character, as some fans think he is overrated but don’t care for his storylines. However, this fan believes that despite all the attention and hoopla, Dustin still adds something special to the show that may be valued.