Stranger Things: The Show Hid Eleven’s First Rematch With Vecna

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Vecna was revealed in Stranger Things season 4 to be the true antagonist of the show all along, and the Duffer brothers had concealed Eleven’s initial rematch with him.

The initial meeting between Eleven and Vecna was covertly kept from viewers of Stranger Things. The fourth season of Stranger Things revealed a villain who had been operating covertly throughout the whole season. Henry Creel, also known as Vecna to the Hawkins children, was Eleven’s oldest foe and held all of her powers as well as maybe more.

Henry Creel’s abilities seem to be fully natural, in contrast to Eleven’s. Before coming under the care of Dr. Brenner, he killed the majority of his own family. They appear to have started around adolescence. Dr. Brenner used Henry as the foundation for all of his research after realizing that his Number One could not be controlled. He then started doing experiments to produce others who shared Henry’s skills. Brenner’s research was successful, but he made the error of maintaining Henry, who had apparently lost his power, as an orderly at Hawkins Lab.

In the end, Henry was able to trick Eleven into letting him go, and after killing the other Hawkins kids, he was then sent into the Upside Down by Eleven. He has been waiting there for years while attempting to return to Earth.

In reality, Vecna and Eleven’s first rematch was covered up in Stranger Things. Vecna’s consciousness is now at the center of the hive mind connecting all life in the Upside Down, according to Stranger Things season 4. The Mind Flayer is Vecna, not the Mind Flayer as his master may have you believe. This retcon changes a scene from Stranger Things season 3 where Eleven had a psychic discussion with the Mind Flayer’s mind. Vecna must have chosen to speak via Billy in order to hide his actual identity, which would account for some of the odd pronouns he used. Eleven was horrified by him, probably in part because she noticed a familiar object hiding in Billy’s eyes.

Was Vecna’s plan in place when the Mind Flayer took control of Billy?

Vecna was changed in Season 4 of Stranger Things to become the true antagonist. The Mind Flayer is propelled by Vecna’s consciousness, who controls all life in the Upside Down and even uses it as a source of energy. This retcon claims Vecna was shocked to learn Eleven was strong enough to shut the Gate in season 2 and made her his main target. Several Hawkins inhabitants were turned into his thralls after being incorporated into the hive consciousness, but he quickly discovered Billy was of particular use. Billy wasn’t simply the first; he also appeared to be the one that Vecna’s adversaries had picked out. If he pulled them out, he knew they would come out.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that because Vecna hadn’t seen Eleven through human eyes since 1979, she had matured considerably. Until she started using her abilities, he had no means of identifying her. Vecna wasn’t sure who Billy’s true adversary was until Eleven utilized her abilities against him in combat. After that, Stranger Things season 3 turned into a bizarre game of cat-and-mouse in which Eleven chased Vecna and Vecna in turn hunted her. Eleven erred by allowing him access to her mind, which gave him the chance to locate her and target her with his inventions.

He had sadly miscalculated Eleven’s friends and family, who were able to stop the Russian Gate. This specific loss served as the catalyst for Stranger Things season 4, with Vecna concluding he could not rely on Gates made by others and that he needed to forge his own path.