Stranger Things: The Mind Flayer’s Powers Explained

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Here are all of the unique abilities that The Mind Flayer has displayed throughout the course of Stranger Things’ two most recent seasons as its main adversary.

With the exception of Vecna in season 4, The Mind Flayer is one of the series’ most lethal antagonists. The Shadow Monster, a monstrous being that is also known as the evil force, first appeared in season two of the Netflix series. After wreaking havoc on the residents of Hawkins, it made a new appearance in Stranger Things season 3. Many of the powerful talents that the Mind Flayer possessed were put on display as she faced up against the show’s brave human protagonists. It found out that the Demogorgon from season one was simply one of many creatures that lived there. The species was truly under the Vecna’s control, despite the fact that it posed a severe threat on its own.

Any living being that came from the dark realm was under the control of the supreme commander. Will Byers rapidly realized that it also had capabilities that may have an impact on people living in normal environments. In Stranger Things season 4, Vecna, the Upside Down’s ruler, was revealed as the show’s main antagonist. The most recent episode also contributes to a better understanding of the Mind Flayer’s abilities by revealing Vecna’s influence over the creature throughout its entire existence. The Mind Flayer may have some impressive skills, but none of them would be possible without Vecna. Here are all the abilities that Mind Flayer from Stranger Things has described.

Hive Mind

In Stranger Things season 2, when the Mind Flayer first appeared, it displayed one of the creature’s most distinctive traits: the hive mind. Vecna had complete authority over all beings from the other realm, including the Mind Flayer, as the king of the Upside Down. Vecna was able to direct the army of Demodogs to particular spots across Hawkins in addition to the Demogorgon. The Mind Flayer took possession of Will’s mind when it connected to him, but he was also able to hack into the creature to learn crucial information about its vulnerabilities.

Human Possession

The monster has to infect a person in order for its hive mind to function. The victim would then serve as a host body for the Mind Flayer’s possession in this way. Both Will and Billy Hargrove were affected by this, which led to their use as spies in the main realm. The Mind Flayer created a Flayed army in Hawkins by infecting and possessing additional people. The creature became even more dangerous as it was able to use the hive mind to command the troops. Burning off the Mind Flayer’s essence with intense heat is the only known method to end the possession and the hive mind.


A fragment of the Mind Flayer that infected Will was left behind in Hawkins before Eleven shut the Gate in season 2. The Mind Flayer was able to use its remnants from the other dimension to infect rats when the new Gate under Starcourt Mall opened. These rats then turned into biomass, which combined to build a substitute body. More people were melted and absorbed into the proxy form as the Mind Flayer gained control of them. The monster then underwent biokinesis evolution into the Hospital Monster and Spider Monster before developing into its ultimate form.

Power Absorption

The Mind Flayer assaulted Eleven and her pals at Hopper’s cabin in Stranger Things season 3. Eleven was bitten by one of the monster’s tentacles, leaving a chunk of it lodged in her leg despite her own magical abilities. The damage diminished Eleven’s abilities until they were completely lost. Eleven was remained devoid of her unique skills even months after the party vanquished the Shadow Monster. The Mind Flayer bit her, and somehow managed to take her powers.

Atmospheric Control

In each episode of Stranger Things season 2, Will saw the Mind Flayer surrounded by massive stormclouds and crimson lightning. The Mind Flayer hovered above the middle school throughout the Snow Ball, and Eleven learned about Billy’s early years on the beach, all during the same kind of weather. The Upside Down still had power over the atmosphere, but the Mind Flayer’s emotions appeared to be linked to the weather shift.