Stranger Things: Season 5 Can Finally Use Hopper’s Crucial Vecna Weakness

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In Stranger Things 5, Vecna may use Hopper’s sorrow over the loss of his daughter and his fear of losing Eleven to make him weak.

Vecna, Jim Hopper, and Eleven from Stranger Things in a collage
Vecna, the leader of the Upside Down, and Jim Hopper are anticipated to face off in a confrontation in Stranger Things season 5, and it’s completely feasible that Vecna may take advantage of Hopper’s vulnerability. Vecna, also known as Henry Creel, was once Number One in Dr. Brenner’s laboratory and is a very evil antagonist.

The hideous psychological torment he mounts against the citizens of Hawkins is more shocking than the horrible physical violence perpetrated upon his victims. Vecna induces terrible hallucinations by exploiting the traumas, anxieties, and guilt of his victims. Vecna may torment a sufferer more effectively the more severe their traumatic background has been. Ironically, Hopper’s sad past and experience of loss, which give him a thick skin and unflappable courage, may also make him one of the people most vulnerable to Vecna’s mind control.

Sara Hopper, the Chief Hopper’s daughter, passed away at an early age. Hopper conjectured that Sara’s terminal cancer was caused by his exposure to the chemical pesticide Agent Orange during the Vietnam War when he was imprisoned in the Soviet Union. Along with a long variety of other hardships, including the abduction of Will Byers into the Upside Down, Hopper also had to face the breakdown of his marriage. Hopper has spent the whole season avoiding the difficult emotions he has about his past, but eventually he will have to come to terms with the profound pain and guilt he has been so vehemently suppressing.

How Vecna in Stranger Things Might Use Sara’s Past Against Hopper

Hopper has never been able to fully accept Sara’s passing. Stranger Things’ first two seasons emphasized Hopper’s genuine sadness over Sara’s passing, but it wasn’t until season 4 that Hopper acknowledged his remorse about maybe exposing Sara to the cancer-causing substances that ultimately led to her death. With Eleven’s lost powers in Stranger Things season 4, Hopper’s remorse eventually turned into uncertainty about his capacity to keep Eleven safe. Vecna, who uses immersive hallucinations to take advantage of his victims’ biggest vulnerabilities, may undoubtedly use Sara’s horrible death to paralyze and defeat Hopper.

Despite his physical toughness and endurance, Hopper is immensely sensitive on the inside. He still found it very difficult to talk about Sara’s passing in season 4. Hopper will likely have to relive Sara’s death because Vecna likes to push his victims into accurate recreations of their darkest memories. In Season 5 of Stranger Things, Vecna can exploit Sara’s passing to explain Hopper’s crippling dread of Eleven dying. In season 5, Hopper will confront his sorrow, dread, and guilt. Whether Vecna forces the confrontation or Hopper pushes himself to address his troubled history, Hopper must come to grips with these emotions.

Reasons Why Hopper Must Defeat Vecna in Season 5 (Whether He Lives Or Dies)

Even if it means putting himself in danger, Hopper will have to confront Vecna since it’s in his nature to defend those he cares about. Hopper’s expertise throughout the series has been stalling and gaining time for Eleven to do the job, even though Eleven is probably the only one who can genuinely beat Vecna. The most formidable and terrible antagonist in Stranger Things to date is Vecna, and it would not be in Hopper’s character to let his daughter enter the decisive battle alone. Hopper will undoubtedly go to great lengths, even to the point of giving his life in order to save Eleven from Vecna.

Due to his propensity for taking action and his love for his family—which includes the Byers family and the other kids—Hopper will have the ability to rewrite his past if he defeats Vecna. Hopper was unable to save Sara, and that powerlessness was agonizing for someone like Hopper. Hopper can be more proactive and battle when it comes to Vecna and the Upside Down, though.

Hopper may be psychologically damaged by Vecna by using Sara’s passing, his terrible background, and his fears, but this time, Hopper has control over the result. If Hopper didn’t risk his life to preserve his world in season five of Stranger Things, it would be a disservice to the show’s viewers.