Stranger Things: Memes That Sum Up Dustin As A Character Perfectly

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These hilarious memes feature Dustin, who is constantly on hand to save the day (while whining the entire time).

With a boom, Stranger Things Season 4 debuted on Netflix. When Vol. 2 was released, it set new records for viewing and momentarily crashed the website.

Since then, while excitedly anticipating news of the fifth and final season, fans have been reflecting on the preceding seasons.

An important figure throughout the entire series has been Dustin Henderson, one of the original primary four. He has consistently been a fan favorite thanks to his nerdiness, sense of humor, and all-around goodness, which has given people enough to make memes around.

Dustin Panicking

Things were horrible in Season 2, especially for Dustin, who appeared to be scurrying around Hawkins attempting to manage everything on his own.

It’s a typical occurrence to see Dustin running around like a chicken with his head cut off while panicking, attempting to find a solution for himself and the gang.

The issue is even more humorous for spectators because Dustin causes the majority of his anxieties. Even though he always manages to work things out in the end, he enjoys whining about everything.

Dustin And Steve

For many, Dustin and Steve’s friendship came as a surprise. In season 1, Steve was mostly unpopular, but by season 2, people began to enjoy him. He and Dustin had essentially become best friends by the conclusion of season 3, especially with Mike spending so much more time with El.

In contrast to the rest of the gang, Dustin developed a new bond with Steve. Fans have cherished this relationship and frequently anticipate exchanges between the two. For many observers, the bond between Steve and Dustin is underappreciated.

Singing Together

The duet between Dustin and Suzie from Season 3 was one of the most talked-about moments. Suzie requested that Dustin sing with her during a time of stress and blind terror when she needed Dustin’s assistance.

Given the team’s time constraints, the sequence seemed out of place compared to the episode’s overall tempo. The fact that the world was truly going to end and Suzie wanted a duet before doing anything else, though, made it all the funnier. Even if her priorities may have been somewhat off, she managed to succeed in the end.

Dustin And Eddie

As was already indicated, Eddie and Steve appeared to assume Dustin’s adoptive parental duties, but Eddie’s involvement was very fleeting. Since then, fans have expressed how much they cherished the few opportunities they had to engage with the trio.

Fans have also discussed who of Dustin’s fathers was the most responsible, with many claiming Steve to be the more so. Eddie and Dustin’s play-fighting sequences showed viewers that they frequently go out of control and create havoc when they are together. The concept that Steve frequently cleans up Eddie and Dustin’s messes while he’s not present is not improbable.

Dustin And Erica

Erica has always been a fantastic character; she frequently improves scenes with her one-liners. This is true of her moment with Dustin in Season 3, when they’re attempting to come up with a strategy to reach the Russians with Steve and Robin.

She simply replies, “You can’t spell America with Erica,” shocking Dustin into silence with her admission when he asks whether she’d be ready to help to demonstrate her love for her nation. Since Dustin seldom remains silent, the audience was amused by this incident.