Stranger Things: Joe Keery Shares His Honest Thoughts On Hair In The Show

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Joe Keery, actor of Stranger Things, discusses Steve’s infamous hairstyle and says he’s sick of hearing about it and wants people to move on.

Joe Keery, the actor of Stranger Things, shares his candid opinions about Steve’s recognizable hair. The hugely well-liked science fiction drama series Stranger Things initially debuted on Netflix in July 2016. The fifth and final season of the program, which has already had four seasons released, is anticipated to premiere in late 2023 or early 2024. With 51 Emmy nominations to date, Stranger Things is currently Netflix’s most-watched English-language program.

Keery’s Steve Harrington was a series adversary when he first appeared in season 1. The Duffer Brothers, who created Stranger Things, even acknowledged that they had initially planned to kill off Steve at the conclusion of season 1—but it’s a good thing they didn’t. By season 2, Steve had evolved from a bully in high school to a brave babysitter, and he had earned a loyal fan base. Keery has been hailed as Stranger Things’ main breakout character after receiving tremendous accolades for her performance. Steve’s hair, a painstakingly managed 80s do that, as Steve sadly acknowledges in Stranger Things season 2, was created using Fabergé Organics and Farrah Fawcett hairspray, is just as legendary as Steve himself. Fans love how instantly recognized and distinctive Steve’s hair is, but Keery has some opinions of his own.

Keery freely acknowledges in an interview with The Daily Beast that he is sick of people asking him about his hair. Even during the interview, Keery wears his hat, which he frequently dons in public to conceal his identity, until the topic of Steve’s hair has been covered. Keery wants people to pay attention to other elements of his work, despite the fact that die-hard Steve fans may like his hair. The complete statement from Keery is below:

It’s really ridiculous. It’s not something I have control over. It’s just internet fodder that’s carried over and is now attached to me. I can’t really knock it. I have a career, so I have to be like, “Who cares? I’ll take it.” But it’s also not something I care about at all. Still, people seem to really care about it and fixate on it, for whatever reason. It’s so stupid, honestly.

As Stranger Things gradually comes to a close, Keery’s recent casting in Fargo season 5 indicates that he is starting to move on to new projects. It’s reasonable that Keery could want to step back from Stranger Things even if portraying Steve helped propel his career to new heights. For an actor, it might get annoying when people constantly ask him about his hair since it shows how strongly the actor is connected to Steve. Although Keery will probably always have great memories of Stranger Things, he may be prepared for a change.

No other cast member has received nearly as many inquiries regarding their hair as Keery, despite the fact that other Stranger Things characters have developed associations with certain haircuts, such as Eleven’s shaved head or Billy’s mullet. It’s not surprising that Keery would want to divert the subject away from talking about something only his hair stylist has control over given that Steve has grown to be an absolute favorite Stranger Things character for his comedy, honesty, devotion, and bravery. As Stranger Things season 5 approaches, viewers will hopefully be more interested in learning what happens to Steve’s character than they are in Keery’s hairstyle.