Stranger Things: Everything The Duffer Brothers Have Said About the Final Season

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The Duffer brothers have already made several significant revelations about the fifth and final season of Stranger Things in interviews.

Stranger Things’ fourth and penultimate season, which just had its most recent episodes broadcast, is still at the top of the pop culture debate, but so is the show’s last season, which fans are eagerly eager to witness. Although the actual contents of the narrative are still mostly unknown to viewers, the Duffer brothers have already made several significant revelations about the season in interviews.

The show’s makers have given viewers a lot to consider as they anxiously wait for any hints regarding the final season, whether it has to do with the season’s actual construction or the plot.

Writing Is Scheduled to End in 2022

After season 4, the Duffer brothers will take a little but well-deserved break before starting to fully compose season 5 in August with the goal of finishing the season before the end of the year.

While nobody really wants to wait for season 5, it is reasonable to assume that it will air sometime in 2024, with filming most likely beginning early in the following year.

Potential Time Jump

Although just eight months have passed in-world, one very obvious result of the series’ production is how quickly the younger actors are maturing.

Although it doesn’t detract from the show’s quality, it has drawn attention in season 4 and ever since the brothers told TV Line that season 5 will probably include a time-jump. It will be fascinating to watch how the gifted brothers pull this off, especially given the condition of Hawkins at the end of season 4.

Russia is not Present

The brothers were asked about whether or not the show is finished with Russia in their interview with Collider, and fans also had inquiries regarding its appearance in season 5. They responded that, as of right now, it is.

Russia not being in the present plans does make sense considering that Hopper, Joyce, and Murray wrapped up the tale there in season 4. However, anything can change in the story, and it did provide for an interesting change of scenery.

The Upside Down and Hawkins

Fans will be pleased to learn that season 5 will take place in the program’s two primary settings, even if having a range of places in season 4 was entertaining and unusual for the show.

The brothers have indicated that the majority of season 5 will take place in Hawkins and the Upside Down, two settings that are appropriate for the show’s final season and complete the series’ cycle.

Everybody back together and old pairings

It would be fascinating to see if the brothers maintain the usual pattern of character groupings splitting apart before merging as a whole now that everyone is back in Hawkins. They discussed this in an interview with Happy Sad Confused, offering some insight.

The brothers have said that while the characters are all united in Hawkins, it is normal to see some of the original cast members grouped together from season one. This suggests that relationships like Nancy/Jonathan/Steve and Mike/Lucas/Will/Dustin/El will be incorporated along with others, but let’s all hope that Steve and Dustin’s famous friendship can continue to shine.

Not as long as Season 4

On the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the brothers shared a lot of information, including the fact that season 5 will be longer than season 4, in contrast to season 3.

The primary explanation given for this is that the characters are aware of the peril. Even while viewers did enjoy nine lengthy episodes, with the season 4 finale clocking in at well over two hours, they do not need to spend the entire two hours in the dark because they are fully aware of the challenges they face. This makes perfect sense.

Not any new characters

The introduction of a really likeable major character who dies in the same season is a Stranger Things trope that undoubtedly irritates, if not saddens, many. With the adored Eddie Munson and his tremendous character growth in Season 4, that tendency seems to be disappearing.

The brothers stated that no significant new characters will be introduced on the Stranger Things aftershow. This is advantageous not just because fans won’t have to worry about their demise, but also because it allows the authors to explore the fantastic cast of characters in more depth.

If a split occurs, it will be engineered.

The character expansion and episode length of Season 4 are also unique features. Its distribution was also unusual, coming in two volumes spaced a month apart. With all the talk and anticipation around the concert, the separation seemed to have been a success.

The brothers have said via Collider that they may not know, but if they did decide to do so, they would write to the divide. As a result, many people have wondered if this staggered release will return for season 5. In order to improve the quality of the season, they want to include splits into the season’s natural structure starting with episode 8. They claim that episode 7 was a lucky break because it performed so well as a split-point.