Stranger Things: Eddie’s Death Could Be A Bad Sign For Steve In Season 5

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In Stranger Things, Steve Harrington has overcome many obstacles, but Eddie’s passing may portend terrible news for Steve in the final season of the series.

Eddie is one of the many popular regulars on Stranger Things, and his passing might be a bad omen for Steve Harrington, another cherished character, as season 5 approaches. It’s astonishing how many members of the main cast have survived to the third and final season of Stranger Things, but with the end in sight, any one of them may have to part ways. And it seems that having Dustin as your best buddy doesn’t help your odds of surviving.

After being introduced in the first episode of Stranger Things season 4, Eddie quickly won over fans. His connection with Dustin was one of the show’s high points moving forward. Even though Eddie’s passing on Stranger Things would have been tragic, his friendship with Dustin made it even worse. This reminded me of Dart, a different character from a previous season. Dart, who had been Dustin’s pet at first but had swiftly evolved into a Demodog, was able to identify Dustin at the conclusion of Stranger Things season 2 and allowed him and the rest of the gang to escape.

When Eleven shut the portal to the Upside Down, Dart perished along with the other Demodogs. The dynamic between Dustin and Eddie resembled that between him and Dart, although on a bigger scale than with the Demodog. A pattern is beginning to emerge with the passing of Eddie and then Dart, with each death possibly having a greater effect on Dustin. It appears that characters could experience negative things if they become close to Dustin.

The Death Trend of Dustin from Stranger Things Doesn’t Look Good for Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington is the only character in the Stranger Things tale to whom Dustin feels a stronger connection than Eddie. Their romance was one of Stranger Things season 2’s finest surprises and has since been a highlight of the whole series. Steve’s future in Stranger Things season 5 doesn’t appear promising if Eddie’s passing continues the pattern set by Dart. Since Dustin and Steve have the strongest relationship, it has been suggested that at some point Steve would give his life to rescue Dustin, and the conclusion of the series would be the ideal occasion.

Since season 5 is the final one, the series will seek to raise the stakes, much like Eddie’s passing and Max’s outcome in season 4 of Stranger Things. What better way to demonstrate that this is the greatest threat the group has ever faced than to murder Steve Harrington, a beloved of the public?

How Steve’s Death Has Already Been Teased in Stranger Things

Steve’s demise has been hinted at frequently during the course of Stranger Things. He has been into difficulty on several occasions, including when he protected Dustin, Lucas, and Max from the Demodogs and when he and Robin were being questioned by the Russians. The most recent instance occurred in season 4, when Vecna nearly murdered Steve, Robin, and Nancy at the Creel home. The Duffer Brothers appreciated Joe Keery’s performance and Steve in general, even though the original design for the program was for Steve to be killed off. The writers of Stranger Things determined that keeping Steve alive in the first season would be in the character’s best interests.

It has been established that Steve Harrington is a man who prioritizes the safety of his friends, and given that Eddie’s passing has maintained this trend, it appears that Stranger Things season 5 may take a similar tragic turn. Although Steve’s death while defending Dustin is the most likely outcome, the show might go in a different direction and have him die in another fashion. Or he might live forever. In either case, the final season of Stranger Things will have fans on the edge of their seats as they wait to see what happens to Steve and the rest of the show’s favorite characters.