Stranger Things Creators Use Hopper’s Season 5 Ending To Mess With Star

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David Harbour, the star of Stranger Things, claims that Matt and Ross Duffer tease him about possibly changing Hopper’s season 5 ending.

David Harbour, who plays Hopper on Stranger Things, says Matt and Ross Duffer tease him about rewriting Hopper’s season 5 ending if he becomes overconfident about what would happen to his character. With the release of Stranger Things season 4 earlier this year, the show carried on its tradition of shattering Netflix records while gaining praise from critics and 13 Emmy nominations. The season is Harbour’s most intense one to date, and it follows the kidnapped Hopper as he tries to get out of two soviet institutions and find his adopted daughter Eleven. Despite their reunion in Hawkins, they now have to deal with the Upside Down’s intrusion into their own world.

In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Harbour acknowledged that he knows how Hopper’s story will end in Stranger Things season 5. He then quickly clarified that the Duffer brothers have threatened to deviate from their original plan in order to mess with the actor when he becomes overconfident in his performance. While Harbour remains coy about the specifics of this plot line, he humorously notes that both the actor and the audience are in the hands of the Duffers in terms of learning Hopper’s ultimate fate. View Harbour’s comments below:

I know everything… It’s funny, I’ve said this in interviews before. Immediately after, I get a text from Matt and Ross Duffer saying: “Oh, so you know everything?” … I mean we sort of arched out a thing years ago, that once the show got a second season, we figured out what the arc would be of this guy and where it would go. That’s what I’ve been working with. So theoretically I know what the end of the show is. But they, you know, like to mess with me and say maybe I don’t.

How Hopper’s Season 5 of Stranger Things Might End

Despite how amusing Harbour’s tale may be, the jocularity between the Stranger Things producers and the star over the fate of one of the show’s most cherished characters will only heighten viewers’ anxiety as season 5 approaches. Hopper has been a recurrent character throughout the series, brilliantly evolving from a damaged but competent small-town sheriff to the demon-slaying father figure of a superpowered youngster in his own arc thus far. It seems unlikely (yet still possible) that Hoppe’s arc would end in tragedy given that the sacrifice card was already played in Stranger Things season 3’s finale with Hoppe’s fakeout death.

Hopper will undoubtedly reach the happy conclusion that the majority of them are looking for, where he will finally find peace with Joyce and Eleven. These three may wind up becoming the family that was tragically missing from Hopper’s life at the start of Stranger Things if he were to be given such a joyful ending. Of course, this assumes that the season is also kind to other characters, and given the likelihood that Vecna and the Mind Flayer will return to haunt Hawkins for a last time in Stranger Things season 5, Hopper may suffer even more terrible losses.

Given that Hopper’s story has reached the point where viewers have witnessed him literally decapitate a Demogorgan with a powerful sword, it is clear the hero won’t be giving up easily. As a result, Stranger Things season 5 has a lot to live up to in the action stakes. This shouldn’t be an issue since Hawkins and the Upside Down are merging. This season, Hopper will be by Eleven’s side from the beginning, so they will face everything together.

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