Stranger Things: Characters Who Were Set Up Just To Die

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The show’s creators never meant for these characters to be around for the long haul, and their demise was anticipated from the beginning.

Even though Stranger Things’ fourth season broke all previous records and was published on Netflix (via IndieWire) more than a month ago, people are still talking about the dramatic season 4 conclusion. Many people are interested to see how the plot will develop as Max’s life is now in danger and the Upside Down is encroaching on their neighborhood.

Even though the cast keeps hinting that nobody is safe and that not everyone will survive, not many people are very alarmed at this time. It could keep the stakes high, but as fans are aware, it’s generally the supporting cast members who end up dying horribly and permanently. That’s a shame since they are truly fairly likeable and it makes the narrative rather predictable and cliché (and could bring some new things to the table).

Barb Holland

Back in season 1, Barb was one of the show’s very first victims. She unwillingly attends Steve’s party and slashes her hand on a can of beer, causing the Demogorgon to come into their world and murder her. This acquaintance of Nancy’s disapproves of her developing infatuation with Steve.

Barb is the perfect example of bait at the start of the series because it is her disappearance that prompts Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve to investigate the paranormal activity in their community. Barb was unfortunately more disposable than any of the other characters because her personality on the program didn’t extend beyond telling Nancy to go home and keep away from a boy like Steve.

Benny Hammond

When Eleven managed to escape from Hawkins Laboratory, Benny Hammond was the first person she encountered. Benny’s Burgers owner swiftly develops empathy when Eleven steals into his business and makes sure she has food before contacting the police to take her home. However, as a witness to Eleven’s presence, the agents that show up at his eatery murder him.

One of Stranger Things’ worst deaths occurs when Benny treats Eleven for the first time like a human. Beyond her outward looks and extraordinary powers, he recognizes a scared little child in need of some assistance. Naturally, caring for her right away upon her escape would be a too simplistic narrative, so the villains of the program had to get rid of him.


In Stranger Things season 3, Alexei was a Russian scientist who knew how the Soviet portal connected to the Upside Down. He is a cheerful individual who doesn’t speak English but likes the American stuff he encounters. But shortly after Hopper captures him and he starts to develop feelings for the American characters, he is shot to death.

The show’s friendliest characters frequently die out first. Because Alexei was siding with the enemy and would undoubtedly suffer if his involvement with the Americans were discovered, it was simpler for the authors to have him reveal crucial information before killing him off right away.

Jason Carver

Jason Carver, the leader of the Hawkins High School basketball team, embodies the stereotype jock perfectly. Due to his misgivings about Eddie’s alleged demonic motivations, he seeks to establish Eddie as the killer after his lover Chrissy unexpectedly passes away. His inquiry and vengeance ultimately cost him dearly as a doorway to the Upside Down opened behind him and severed him in two.

Jason immediately comes out as unlikable due to his interactions with individuals like Eddie and Lucas, therefore a grim conclusion was always probable for him. Those who propagated the demonic hysteria about Eddie would need to receive some type of retribution following his untimely demise.

Fred Benson

Nancy’s buddy Fred was a journalist who had endured trauma after being in a terrible vehicle accident. His trauma causes Vecna to emerge when he helps Nancy figure out the mystery behind Chrissy’s death, and she immediately kills him in the same way that Chrissy was.

Fred’s passing informed the main young characters—along with Barb and many of Hawkins’ teens—about the events of the Upside Down, making him a desirable target for the monsters. Fred was never going to be in the show for very long because he is shown as being rather weird with Nancy and that she was not interested in his approaches (although he also has a side viewers sympathize with).