Stranger Things 5: Hawkins Twist Evokes a Significant Argyle Mystery

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Hawkins will serve as the main location for Stranger Things season 5, leaving Argyle’s future uncertain in terms of whether he moves back to California.

The majority of Stranger Things season 5 will take place in Hawkins, so it’s unclear what Argyle will do in the finale. Argyle (Eduardo Franco) is one of the most important new characters introduced in Stranger Things season 4, along with Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov and the recently departed Eddie Munson. Involved in the conflict against Vecna and the Upside Down when the Byers family takes his Surfer Boy Pizza van for a perilous cross-country road trip, Argyle is introduced as Jonathan’s stoner closest buddy in California.

Just two days after Vecna killed Max and unlocked the fourth portal, Argyle, Mike, the Byers brothers, and Eleven arrive in a largely ruined Hawkins in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2. Argyle spends his time reconnecting with nature and gathering mushrooms as Eleven meets up with Hopper, Jonathan meets up with Nancy, and the Byers boys with Joyce. Eleven and the other characters—aside from Argyle—look out over the devastation of their town when the black cloud descends over Hawkins in the episode’s closing sequence, previewing the climactic battle that will take place in Stranger Things season 5’s series-ending tale.

The Stranger Things season 4 ending, which includes Hopper’s return and Eleven needing to remain in Hawkins to fight Vecna, suggests there’s no reason for the family to return to California, given that the Byers moved away in order to keep Eleven safe and escape the reminders of grief and pain in Hawkins. In actuality, the Duffer brother stated that Hawkins serves as the setting for the majority of Stranger Things season 5, with the characters separating into recognizable groupings from season 1.

With the Byers family returning to Hawkins in Stranger Things season 5, it may be assumed that the characters will move into Hopper’s cabin. Since Argyle is from California and still a high school student, it is unclear if he will stay in the Upside Down-infested Hawkins or move back to Lenora Hills with his Surfer Boy Pizza truck. This contrasts with the Byers, who can simply stay in Hawkins as their home.

Will Argyle Relocate To Hawkins In Season 5 Of Stranger Things?

Given that Jonathan and Argyle did not say goodbye in the Stranger Things season 4 conclusion, it is safe to presume that he will return in season 5. Moving back to California would arguably serve no purpose for Argyle in the Stranger Things season 5 plot as Jonathan is likely to remain in Hawkins to help safeguard Will and Joyce.

After witnessing Eleven’s life-saving abilities, government cover-ups, and Vecna destroying the world with creatures from another dimension, Argyle is unlikely to just go back to California, much like Robin, Max, and any other Stranger Things characters who unintentionally got involved in the struggle against the Upside Down. In Stranger Things season 5, it appears that Argyle will need to at least temporarily relocate to Hawkins in order to maintain his involvement in the conflict.

Since the conclusion of Stranger Things season 4 implied that Nancy would pick Steve over Jonathan in season 5, Jonathan will probably require a partner as the protagonists work to thwart Vecna’s disastrous scheme. The Duffer brothers hinted that Stranger Things season 5 will have a time leap, implying that Argyle may relocate from California to Hawkins at this period and find housing with Jonathan. Argyle is likely to be one of the only persons moving into town as he aids the characters in fighting the Upside Down, in contrast to how many locals were shown fleeing Hawkins in the season 4 conclusion of Stranger Things.