Stranger Things 4: Plot Holes and Headscratchers

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Even while Stranger Things season 4 may have been amazing, there were a surprising number of story gaps and unresolved issues in the series.

Despite how fantastic Stranger Things season 4 was, there were a surprisingly large amount of story gaps and unresolved issues. With Stranger Things season 4 implementing numerous significant retcons to position its villain Vecna as the actual monster assaulting Hawkins for years, the popular Netflix series is coming to a climax. Vecna, who is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower, is, in terms of her objectives and character, practically the distorted mirror image of Eleven. He is the master of the hive mind that rules the Upside Down.

Unexpectedly many plot gaps were produced by the increase in scale, though. Since the Duffer brothers were engaging in unprecedented-scale retcons while also delivering some stories that were not set in Hawkins, there was probably no way to prevent the majority of these. Sadly, some of these are easier to ignore by merely suspending disbelief than others. None are deadly, of course, since everything works well enough to hide the story gaps until viewers really start to pay attention.

The Duffer brothers should have gained some knowledge from this season. Because the Upside Down invasion of Hawkins has already begun and because all the heroes have come together in time to face Vecna and his soldiers, Stranger Things season 5 is anticipated to be much more tightly focused. Additionally, practically all the retcons have now been completed, so any remaining discrepancies may even be resolved. Here are all the story gaps and mysteries in Season 4 of Stranger Things.

How Did Eleven Speak So Well in the Season 4 Flashbacks of Stranger Things?

Several flashbacks in Stranger Things season 4 depict Eleven’s history. The fact that Eleven was so much better at communicating in 1979 than she was in 1983, when she escaped from Hawkins Lab, instantly surprised the audience. On second thought, though, this one could actually make sense; according to Dr. Brenner, using Eleven’s talents excessively runs the danger of setting off circumstances that are something akin to a stroke. He even mentions that people who have had strokes frequently lose their capacity to speak and must relearn linguistic abilities. After sending Henry Creel into the Upside Down, Eleven fell into a coma, and it’s safe to presume that when she recovered, she had had some sort of brain damage.

What Originated Henry Creel’s Abilities?

After Dr. Brenner exposed their mothers to certain medications while they were pregnant, the “children” of Dr. Brenner were given special abilities. However, there is no proof that Henry Creel’s mother ever used LSD, leaving the exact source of his abilities a mystery. It’s intriguing to notice that Henry seems to have acquired his abilities around puberty, which fits with the notion of mutants in the X-Men comics, according to which their abilities are connected to an X-gene that becomes active around puberty. It’s plausible that Henry Creel is essentially a mutant because Stranger Things has openly borrowed from several X-Men themes and because the Upside Down increasingly resembles one of Marvel’s Hell Dimensions, Limbo.

Why Did Dr. Brenner Retain Henry Creel As A Hawkins Lab Orderly?

The narrative of Number One has other aspects that are illogical as well. When Brenner learned it was impossible to weaponize him, Creel claims he started attempting to reproduce his abilities. Despite knowing full well that Creel was accountable for killing his own family, Brenner curiously chose to retain Creel on staff at Hawkins Lab as an orderly. Brenner is called out by Eleven for this, but no justification is ever provided. It’s certainly plausible that Brenner reasoned that keeping Henry Creel near was preferable to letting him go out into the world and becoming lost.

What Foods Consumed Vecna In The Upside Down?

Henry Creel is exiled by Eleven to the Upside Down, where he transformed into the character referred to as “Vecna.” He managed to survive as an adventurer in this weird and harsh world, according to Vecna. How he achieved it physically, though, is still a mystery. Vecna spent years breathing the air of the Upside Down, despite the clear indications in Stranger Things season 1 that it was deadly to life. He also managed to get some food to eat. To be fair, Stranger Things season 4 seemed to reimagine the Upside Down as a little less dangerous than it had previously appeared to be. The harmful spores are probably only present in wooded areas.

The Hawkins Kids Navigate Without Running Into Any Mobs

Thanks to Jason, who makes a moving speech that converts the majority of the community against the Hellfire Club, Hawkins effectively falls under mob control. Strangely, though, only Jason and his group appear to be genuinely dedicated to destroying the Hellfire Club. They first came into contact with the children when they decided to equip themselves in order to defeat Vecna, which may be explained by the overall lack of excitement.

Why Did Eddie Get Found By The Hawkins Kids So Much Faster Than The Cops?

Another peculiarity is how much faster the Stranger Things actors located Eddie than the cops. The most plausible argument is that they knew more about Eddie than the police did and that people preferred to talk to them than police officers because they were more approachable. Hawkins PD has never come across as especially effective; Hopper was the exception rather than the rule, and the officers were blissfully unaware of all the strange things happening in and around Hawkins. Officers missed so many various occurrences in Hawkins because they were on the periphery of things, according to a recently released tie-in comic.

No Hawkins Gate is monitored by Owens’ personnel.

Dr. Sam Owens’ collaboration with Dr. Brenner was exposed in Stranger Things season 4, giving his character a significant deal of unacknowledged darkness. Owens ordered operatives to Hawkins to look into the fatalities because he recognized the risks that Vecna and the Upside Down presented. Strangely, though, those agents seemed to have disappeared from view as soon as they came across a gate. Although Owens had told Eleven that they could reach Max, they never did.