Stranger Things 4: Eddie Munson Scene Is Perfectly Recreated by Makeup Art

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On her eyelashes, a Stranger Things fan astonishingly imitates Eddie Munson’s (Joseph Quinn) epic Upside Down guitar solo from the series’ climax.

An Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) guitar solo sequence from Stranger Things was expertly replicated by a fan using makeup. Season 4 of Stranger Things debuted on Netflix on May 27 and ended on July 1. Numerous new characters were introduced throughout the season, with Eddie Munson, played by Quinn, immediately gaining popularity. Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) make friends with Munson, a high school senior, in season 4, and he accepts them into the Hellfire Club, his Dungeons & Dragons organization.

Regrettably, Eddie’s narrative journey is among the most heartbreaking in season 4 of Stranger Things. When Vecna (Jamie Bower Campbell) assaults Chrissy (Grace Van Dien) in episode 1, she just so happens to be buying narcotics from Eddie. He is swiftly held accountable for her death since they were dating and because the community dislikes him for his love of heavy metal and D&D. Fortunately, the Hawkins crew is aware of the Upside Down and steps in to defend Eddie right away. In the process of helping them combat Vecna, he eventually saves his comrades by playing an incredible guitar solo to frighten the Demobats away from them.

User @makeup with alexa on Instagram made use of makeup to masterfully replicate Eddie’s guitar moment from Stranger Things. She vividly brought the event to life by capturing it all on her eyelids. The image of Eddie bending backward while passionately strumming his guitar and the red and orange background are both excellent. View the makeup artwork below:

Since the premiere of Stranger Things season 4 in 2016, several original works of fan art featuring Eddie have appeared online. One such piece is the make-up art of Eddie. One fan used corn art to create an impressive memorial to Eddie, and other fans have pictured Eddie as a Disney character or as the ruler of Vecna’s stronghold. While fan art is fairly popular, it is interesting to see enthusiasts use unusual materials, such as corn or makeup, to produce beautiful tributes. Their work is distinctive, which is a tribute to the considerable amount of time they probably toiled over producing it. Eddie’s supporters appear content to do their very best job in his honor.

As fans support Eddie’s persona, the affection for him only keeps flowing. It is simple to see why he has gotten so much attention. He certainly deserved so much more than what he went through and has a cute, quirky personality. As a result, there is respect as well as empathy, which seems to be encouraging the love and creativity that are present around him. Along with the artwork, people are speculating or advocating for Eddie to maybe return in season 5 of Stranger Things. Although it seems implausible, it wouldn’t be the first time someone thought to be dead was really brought back in Stranger Things. But regardless of whether he returns to Stranger Things or not, his admirers will maintain his memory alive via their creative endeavors.