Sons Of Anarchy’s Sopranos Reference Debunks A Wild Fan Theory

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A fan theory claims that The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy are connected by a single individual, however a mention to the latter in the former entirely disproves the hypothesis.

Sons of Anarchy has given rise to a number of fan theories, including one that connects the program to The Sopranos. However, a subtle reference to the HBO series entirely refutes that particular thesis. With Sons of Anarchy, Kurt Sutter transported audiences to California and the world of motorcycle clubs in 2008. Since both critics and audiences appreciated the show from the start, it was able to continue for a total of seven seasons before ending in 2014 amid much drama, disputes, betrayals, and heartbreaking deaths.

The television series Sons of Anarchy centers on Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the vice president of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang in the made-up town of Charming, California. The series begins when Jax discovers a manifesto written by his late father, John “JT” Teller, who was one of the MC’s original members and outlined his goals and vision for the group.

These stood in stark contrast to those of Clay Morrow, the current president and Jax’s stepfather (Ron Perlman), and upon noticing these differences and others, Jax embarks on a personal journey that causes him to reflect on his life’s choices, his place in the club, his relationships, his family, and many other things. Viewers closely followed Jax’s personal life over the course of seven seasons, and one individual who ended up being crucial to Jax and his wife Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) was Wendy (Drea De Matteo).

In the first season of Sons of Anarchy, Wendy was Jax’s expectant wife and heroin addict; as a result, their baby Abel was born with birth abnormalities. After Sons of Anarchy season 1, Wendy entered rehab. She didn’t return until season 4, when she was clean and eager to get back in touch with Jax and, most importantly, Abel. Wendy later appeared in seasons 6 and 7, when Tara chose her to be the guardian of Abel and Thomas in the event that she passed away.

De Matteo played Adriana La Cerva in The Sopranos before switching to play Wendy in Sons of Anarchy, but her final scene in that series left some viewers wondering if she could have survived, sparking a theory that she did and entered the Witness Protection Program before settling in Charming as Wendy.

The theory’s creator claimed that Wendy and Adriana had a New Jersey accent and both struggled with drug use; however, one phrase from Sons of Anarchy by Jax refutes this claim. LuAnn (Dendrie Taylor) is noticeably uneasy and frightened when Jax asks her to check out the warehouse they plan to utilize for their porn business since she doesn’t sure what to expect. Jax chuckles and remarks, “You thought I brought you here to Adriana you?” in reference to Adriana La Cerva’s death scene.

When Christopher attempted to commit suicide, Silvio Dante (Steven Van Zandt) deceived Adriana into getting in a car with him so they could allegedly take her to the hospital (which was a lie). Adriana tried to flee from the woods when Silvio led her there out of fear, but he dragged her out and shot her; her demise is not depicted on television.

Even though the author of the theory tried to justify this line by claiming Wendy told Jax about her past and he just made a reference to that… to a person who had no idea about Wendy/life—if Adriana’s Jax was able to make a (subtle) reference to The Sopranos, then Wendy and Adriana can’t be the same person. Thus, it is best for Sons of Anarchy and The Sopranos that they exist in separate universes.