Sons Of Anarchy: Top 10 Characters, Ranked By Wealth

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How much money do the characters have in the critically acclaimed FX series Sons of Anarchy, which is all about shady deals and gobs of cash?

Does crime not pay? Crime does really pay, as Sons of Anarchy has demonstrated. However, it only works up until you are killed or arrested. Those two occurrences are inevitable. The critically praised FX series is all about shady transactions in which a lot of money is transferred.

The fact that not everyone in this fictitious chaotic environment is a criminal is equally crucial. Tara had a healthy bank account without having to beat people up. She graduated from Northwestern University’s Feinberg Medical School at the top of her class. Wayne Unser, a former police chief, would have been included on this list as well because of his shipping company. Sadly, he had to start the series with nothing.

10 – Clay Morrow

Clay has been making money from crime as one of the founding fathers—also known as the First 9—for a very long time. After John Teller passed away in 1993, he is supposed to have succeeded him as president. Clay has had a consistent income for a very long time since the club president makes more money than the other members do.

He has served in the military. It is safe to presume that he receives a pension from his time in the military. Furthermore, he is the proprietor of the Teller-Morrow garage. Clay is far better off than most of his fellow bikers, despite the fact that he has occasionally been penniless.

9 – Tara Knowles

Long-term love affair of Jax Teller At St. Thomas Hospital, surgeon Tara Knowles works. She had previously performed the same duties at the Chicago Presbyterian Hospital. Jax makes a respectable living as the president of SAMCRO, but it’s unlikely that he makes as much money as Tara.

Typically, surgeons make more money than general practitioners. The compensation range for surgeons in America, according to Salary.com, is $338,461 to $475,010. In a nutshell, the Teller family pays their expenses with ease.

8 – Viktor Putlova

The leader of the Russian Mafia in California is Putlova. Jimmy O contracts Putlova to provide security while he is at war with SAMCRO. This indicates that Putlova’s organization has developed a specialty in providing protection for prominent criminal characters. It makes sense that powerful criminals would spend a lot of money for these services.

Jimmy O promises Putlova $2 million in exchange for his services, making him one of the highest-paid criminals in America if he receives that amount on a regular basis. As may be observed from various media, the mob frequently partakes in a number of additional criminal behaviors. Putlova has no financial issues.

7 – Jury White

The head of the Indian Hills, Nevada charter employs very valuable people to manage an escort service. He gives Bobby a night with a prostitute who makes $1200 per night in the second season. If these prices are being charged, the income generated by the Indian Hills charter is absolutely delicious.

Jury has extensive knowledge of the criminal underground. Before turning into an outlaw, he served in Vietnam, like as John Teller and Clay. He also leases his guys to other gangs of criminals. The Sons hired Jury’s men in Season 7 to sabotage a meeting with Henry Lin.

6 – Charlie Barosky

In charge of a few other crooked Stockton PD personnel is the nasty cop Barosky. He runs a successful bakery that’s usually busy. In the end, Jax kills him in front of everyone in his own bakery because he disobeyed SAMCRO.

He assists the Sons in establishing a successful escort service in Stockton prior to the fallout. According to his own words, no crime occurs in Stockton without his knowledge and approval. This implies that he receives payments from numerous criminal organizations operating in his region, making him immensely wealthy.

5 – Jimmy O

Since years, the True IRA’s street chief has been dealing in illicit weaponry. Jimmy has gotten a lot of money through the illicit weapons trade, which has a value in the billions of dollars. Because of his power, he can appoint charters and police in Northern Ireland to carry out his will. When the Sons arrive in Belfast in Season 2, this is clear.

Only the Real IRA army council, which desires to remain nameless, is responsible for Jimmy. Earning more involves putting in the extra work. Jimmy is likely to conduct numerous transactions behind his supervisors’ backs.

4 – Ethan Zobelle

The League of American Nationalists (LOAN), which governs a number of other lesser organizations like the Aryan Brotherhood, is led by Zobelle. The cost of hiring these factions is high. He also owns the Impeccable Smokes chain of cigar stores, which has locations from Alameda to Millbrae.

LOAN is a collection of prominent businesspeople that identify as white supremacists. Deals are often struck between most of them and Zobelle. Money is not a problem for the sole antagonist to live for the whole of the series, based on the company he maintains.

3 – August Marks

Marks receives Pope Partners, Inc. after Damon Pope dies at Tig and Jax’s hands after years of working as his henchman. All around Oakland, Pope Partners, Inc. has made real estate investments. The company has both finished buildings and numerous construction sites where meetings are held.

Since real estate is one of the most valued commercial sectors, Pope Partners, Inc. makes far more money than the majority of the other criminal organizations in the series. Additionally, Pope Partners, Inc. is the reporting authority for all African American gangs.

2 – Galen O’Shay

Galen has a higher rank than Jimmy O, who is also a boss in the True IRA. He wasn’t given the moniker “Butcher of Belfast” by accident. Galen is rather merciless when it comes to those who disobey him. Additionally, he offers more advanced weapons than Jimmy O. Such guns undoubtedly fetch higher prices.

Galen only has confidence in Clay because they have been working together since the early 1990s. Additionally, SAMCRO is not the only gang he has had to contend with in those years.

1 – Damon Pope

Because Pope and August Marks hold the same position, their net worth and overall salary may be comparable. Pope, though, is presented as having greater clout than Marks. He is in charge of Oakland’s entire police and prison systems. Pope has the money necessary to pay out all of these folks.

He has been earning enormous money longer than Marks because he founded Pope Partners, Inc. While Marks is primarily muscle, Pope is more of a proper business.