Sons of Anarchy: The Worst Mistakes of Jax (That We Can All Learn From)

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Here are Jax Teller’s top 10 blunders that everyone may learn from because he was anything but a classic hero.

The antihero at the heart of Sons of Anarchy’s narrative is Jax Teller. While he does his hardest to be good and do some things right, he frequently fails. He is the successor to the MC and the heir to two dads who developed the Sons of Anarchy into what it became.

Over the course of his time on the show, Jax has committed an uncountable amount of blunders, but here are ten of his worst transgressions that everyone can learn from.

Murdering Unser

Nothing could more clearly illustrate Jax’s greatest and most recurring flaw—his lack of consideration for collateral damage—than his murdering of Unser. Jax killed Unser because he had come to get in between Jax and Gemma and essentially try to reason with him.

There were several ways to avoid that result, but Unser stood in the way of Jax’s desires, therefore Jax didn’t think twice about killing him.

His Mother’s murder

For a variety of reasons, Gemma deserved to perish, and it seems reasonable to infer that after killing Tara, her days were limited. And when Jax essentially tore the universe apart in retaliation, Gemma’s death was kind of necessary.

Jax did not, however, have to carry out the task. Jax’s life was severely damaged by Gemma, who was terrible, but at least he didn’t have to carry out this particular task.

Putting The Club Before Almost Everything

Jax does frequently express his affection for the club, and his actions speak volumes. But as soon as things started to go wrong, he ought to have backed out.

Having a close-knit brotherhood is one thing, but giving up your entire life—including everyone else—in order to remain in a motorcycle club is not worthwhile.

Getting in Touch With Tara Again

Both Jax and Tara adored each other. But the entire arc of their relationship shows that sometimes the best thing you can do for someone you love is to let them go.

Tara’s life was entirely devastated by Jax, and it is probable that Jax would not have died in such a terrible way if he had not rekindled his relationship with Tara.

He did not learn from his father’s errors

The great irony of Sons of Anarchy is that a significant amount of the plot is John Teller warning Jax not to make all of the errors that he himself did from beyond the grave. Jax never did learn anything from his father in the end.

Or perhaps he did learn, but it was far too late, and Jax’s final demise rendered the entire motivation of his character growth irrelevant.