Sons Of Anarchy: SAMCRO Members Ranked From Heroic To Most Villainous

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Although SAMCRO members, also known as “The Mother Charter” in Sons of Anarchy, aren’t required to be moral people, some of them nonetheless exhibit greater bravery than others.

There aren’t many fully patched members of Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO), often known as “The Mother Charter,” but there are plenty of complex narratives for each of them. Nobody anticipates criminals to be moral people, yet some club members are more valiant than others.

Jax agrees with his father that being a member of a motorcycle club doesn’t need one to get involved in all sorts of dubious activities. While Clay believes that individuals who chose this path should be as ruthless and carefree as possible. We can identify which characters have been better for Charming and SAMCRO through their behaviors, and which are the devil’s favorites.

10 – Opie Winston

Opie is a recently released ex-convict who served 5 years in prison for the club when he first appears in the series. He was afraid to expose the members at the moment. He does everything in his ability as a free man to support his wife Donna and their two kids. In order to increase his income, he even returns to the criminal underworld.

Perhaps Opie’s ultimate act of bravery was giving his life to save the club. Damon Pope demands a dead son in the San Joaquin County Correctional Facility as retaliation for the death of his daughter. That’s the only way, the bad guy claims, for there to be peace. Without thinking, Opie steps outside and is fatally attacked.

9 – Jax Teller

The Irish Kings would have destroyed the mother charter entirely if it weren’t for Jax. In Season 6, he foresees a bomb going off in the clubhouse and evacuates everyone in time. Jax also exerts every effort throughout the entire series to get the club out of the firearms industry. This is his fault because the weapons keep getting into the wrong hands, including those of a little boy who then shoots up his school.

Despite his smart policies, Jax has a history of destroying villains. Five of the most prominent villains on the program were killed as a result of him, either directly or indirectly. Galen O’Shay, Clay Morrow, Damon Pope, Henry Lin, and August Marks are a few of these.

8 – Otto Delaney

Otto’s case represents the bloody kind of bravery. He decides to bite off his own tongue in order to prevent himself from talking and alerting the authorities. details about SAMCRO. His past reveals that while imprisoned for 18 months, he once shielded Chucky from the Lin Triads. Otto gets extra marks for it, given how endearing Chucky developed to be.

Otto has every incentive to act as a source. A club member who had an affair with his wife was being tortured excessively by Lee Toric while he was imprisoned. Instead, he decides to stick by his side. He surpasses himself by eliminating the evil Toric.

7 – Chibs Telford

Chibs has a long history of bravery, including the time he shielded Lieutenant Althea Jarry, his law enforcement love interest, from a grenade explosion at Scoops. Jax has his complete loyalty.

No character in the series has a negative effect as a result of Chibs’ actions. He kills those criminals who deserve to be killed. He is one of the select few who can outwit June Stahl, the evil ATF agent. The best thing he does is kill Jimmy O, who has long before wrecked considerable havoc on SAMCRO.

6 – Piney

Piney served in the Vietnam War, therefore his bravery and heroism are without dispute. Since he is one of the First 9 founders, the club would not exist without his participation.

Emphysema does not slow him down because he still loves to participate in the action. He makes the long journey to Oakland and enters a One-Niners club in an effort to exact revenge for Donna’s murder. By giving Jax access to JT’s letters, he also helps him come to a new understanding. It’s unlikely that Jax would have wanted to leave the gun business if it weren’t for this move.

5 – Bobby Munson

Bobby is more patient than his coworkers. When things go out of hand, he frequently acts as the voice of reason. He also has the admirable attribute of killing only when absolutely required.

But Bobby has shown that he has a dark side as well. He not only sleeps with her but also assists Luanne Delaney in cooking the books after Clay hires him as an accountant for her pornographic business. He is not only taking from his brothers, but Luann is also the wife of another Son, thus this activity is wrong on several levels (Otto).

4 – Happy Lowman

Happy isn’t exactly the most kind of people, despite how quiet he is. He has killed a lot of people. Strangely, killing doesn’t satisfy him. Every time he kills someone, he has a smiley tattooed on his body. Throughout, Happy’s bad habits are made clear, one of which is his propensity to reuse condoms.

He has earned the title of “Master Of Torture” for a reason. Happy happily watches as SAMBEL member Liam O’Neill is cruelly tortured for attempting to blow up mother charter members as his teammates are clearly terrified.

3 – Juice Ortiz

After AUSA Lincoln Potter and Lieutenant Eli Roosevelt threaten to reveal Juice’s African American heritage to the club, Juice decides to become an informant. Instead of merely discussing the issue with his club brothers, he chooses to do this. His spying actions result in the deaths of a few Prospects.

The member, who is often quiet, also participated in the series’ most tragic murder. Juice assists Gemma in covering up the nasty BBQ fork slash to Tara. Roosevelt, who had just pulled up to the crime site, is even killed by him.

2 – Tig Trager

Tig once drowns a man in a tub of urine, so his methods are gory. He quickly pursues Opie early on in the series with the purpose of killing him without first determining whether he is guilty. Additionally, he doesn’t affirm that Opie is in the car. In his haste to carry out the assassination, he mistakenly kills Donna, the wife of Opie. Additionally, Tig has admitted to necrophilia.

Both his club brothers and his own family suffer greatly as a result of his bloodlust. He accidentally runs over Damon Pope’s vengeance while attempting to drive over One-Niners commander Leroy. Pope responds by directing Opie to be killed by beating and Tig’s daughter to be burned alive.

1 – Clay Morrow

After killing John Teller, a more sane leader, Clay becomes the new president of SAMCRO. This behavior is consistent with his personality. Not to mention that he had slept with Gemma Teller, John Teller’s wife. As president, he doesn’t steer the club away from the risky and disorderly world of the gun.

Additionally, Clay makes Unser continue in his position as Police Chief despite the fact that he has cancer. He also makes an effort to undermine Jax’s leadership after losing the president, even going so far as to stage home invasions with Gregg and Gogo of the Nomads. Domestic abuse is also acceptable to Clay. He savagely beats Gemma in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the episode.