Sons Of Anarchy: Real-Life Relationship Status, Age, Height & Zodiac Of The Main Cast

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Sons of Anarchy fans will be happy to learn more about the actors, including their ages, marital statuses, heights, and zodiac signs.

Sons Of Anarchy, an FX series, contains compelling characters that viewers can’t help but identify with. Despite their terrible nature, they experience daily struggles in life like everyone else. And while the majority of them are adept with firearms and skilled motorbike riders, they struggle when it comes to making important life decisions.

There isn’t much about the characters that is a mystery to fans. Fans are known that Gemma had a child who passed away and that Chibs had two girls who were snatched from him by Jimmy O. The majority of people are still unaware of the personal information about the actors that portrayed the characters, though.

10 – Charlie Hunnam: Dating, 40, 6’0, Aries

Charlie Hunnam has had quite the wild love life, much like his character Jax Teller. blame his attractiveness for it? Despite knowing actress Katharine Towne for only three weeks, Hunnam wed her in 1999. While attending Dawson’s Creek auditions, the two had crossed paths. Well, come and go as you like. Three years later, the couple was divorced.

Following that, Hunnam dated actress Stella Parker, model Sophie Dahl, and movie producer Georgina Townsley. He is presently seeing artist Morgana McNelis. Since 2005, the two have been a couple. Hunnam has a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Blue Belt outside of his romantic life. He enjoys riding motorcycles just like the SAMCRO thugs do.

9 – Katey Sagal: Married, 67, 5’9, Capricorn

Kurt Sutter’s wife, Sagal (Gemma), is the series’ creator. Consider nepotism. Ignore it. Gemma earned the part, and she demonstrated this by being the cast member who received the most awards. Sutter and Gemma have been married since 2004. The couple’s daughter was delivered through the use of a gestational carrier. She had been married to Jack White (1978–1981) and Freddie Beckmeier before that (1993-2000).

The actress is also a singer. Sagal began her singing career by providing vocal support for artists including Tanya Tucker, Bob Dylan, and Gene Simmons. She additionally worked on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack.

8 – Ron Perlman: Dating, 70, 5’9, Aries

Contrary to the majority of the other men in the cast, Pearlman (Clay Morrow) has kept getting significant roles. He has appeared in films including Hellboy and Pacific Rim. Additionally, he appeared in the highly regarded Crackle TV series Start-Up. Perlman has a lengthy career of voice acting roles. He has provided the voices for several animated series and video games.

Sadly, Perlman’s romantic life has recently declined. He separated from his wife Opal, with whom he had been married since 1981, last year. There are two kids from the former union. Music producer Delroy is their son. Perlman is currently seeing Allison Dunbar, a co-star in Start-Up.

7 – Drea De Matteo: Dating, 49, 5’5, Capricorn

Drea de Matteo has always had good luck in Hollywood (Wendy). She appeared in a number of popular shows, including The Sopranos and Desperate Housewives. She won an Emmy for “Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series” for her work in the first.

It’s obvious that Drea de Matteo likes music. She is presently seeing guitarist Michael Devin from Whitesnake. She has never mentioned the beginning of their relationship. She dated Shooter Jennings before dating the rock singer. Although they have two daughters, the two never wed.

6 – Maggie Siff: Married, 46, 5’6, Gemini

With appearances on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Mad Men, Tara’s (Siff’s) CV appears impressive. Presently, she co-stars with actors Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti in the Wall Street thriller Billions on Showtime. Interestingly, after graduating from college, she spent a short time working for a hedge fund company.

In 2012, Siff wed Paul Ratliff. She gave birth to a girl in 2013. Since then, not much has been heard about her marriage, but since a breakup would make headlines, it is safe to believe that they are still together.

5 – Dayton Callie: Single, 75, 5’8, Libra

Wayne Unser’s character, Callie, has performed in more than 100 plays. It’s interesting to note that acting wasn’t his first preference. He began his career as a naval officer and participated in the Vietnam War. He then started playing the saxophone professionally as a jazz musician. He started obtaining roles in Broadway productions while working as a musician. He moved gradually towards acting.

For more than 30 years, the seasoned actor and Susan Peyton were wed. They were fortunate with two children during this period. Callie is currently single due to the sad split of the spouse.

4 – Theo Rossi: Married, 45, 5’11, Gemini

Even though Rossi (Juice) isn’t getting the big jobs, he never skips a day of work. Since his debut in 2001, the actor has participated in at least two projects annually. Rossi engages in military-related charitable initiatives outside of acting, most notably the Boot Campaign.

He has also participated in PETA promotional videos and is an animal rights activist. In 2013, Rossi wed Meghan McDermott. Both 2015 and 2017 saw the birth of their respective offspring.

3 – Kim Coates: Married, 63, 6’2, Pisces

Tig Trager’s Coates is considered the King of Supporting Roles. He never appears in high-budget productions, although he has more than 150 film and television credits to his name. The dual-nationality actor, who plays this part in the Canadian murder drama Bad Blood, lately earned a lot of positive feedback.

According to reports, Coates, his wife, Diana Chappell, and their two kids reside in Los Angeles. The duration of their union, whether as a married couple or as a couple, is unknown.

2 – Mark Boone Junior: Married, 66, 5’7, Pisces

Many viewers are unaware that Mark Boone Junior (Bobby) and Steve Buscemi are close friends. He began his career performing stand-up comedy with Buscemi, despite the fact that his part in the FX series is only a series one. He frequently portrays gangsters, unscrupulous law enforcement officials, and authoritative individuals.

Most of Boone’s Sons of Anarchy castmates were present at his star-studded wedding to his longtime girlfriend Christina Adshade. It is never too late to be married.

1 – Tommy Flanagan: Married, 55, 6’0, Cancer

There are noticeable scars on Flanagan’s face that are mentioned in the episode as Chibs. In reality, an actual attack is what caused the scars. Flanagan suffered scars from a childhood assault outside a Glasgow nightclub. Jimmy O, a villain on the program, is credited with giving him the markings.

Currently, the actor is wed to Dina Flanagan. He only has a daughter. He was formerly married to Jane Ford, a casting director. He divorced Ford because to what he claimed to be her extensive drug use and infidelity.