Sons of Anarchy: Ranking Of The Main Characters’ Endings

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Who were the finest and worst characters in Sons of Anarchy? Many of the show’s characters had cruel or tragic deaths.

Aside from the violence and stunning motorcycles, Sons Of Anarchy’s legacy has endured because to its strong character development. The FX series’ lead protagonists all have a lot going for them. It was engrossing to watch due of its unpredictable nature. It was nearly difficult to predict how each character would turn out.

399 characters died in all throughout the course of the seven seasons. A sizable portion of these figures were made up by the major characters. There are characters who did, however, survive. The major character endings are ranked from least appealing to most intriguing in the following list.

Our Perishes Trying To Safeguard Gemma

Unser had a less than ideal conclusion. He spent his entire life working for the organization, but was assassinated by a fellow club member (Jax). And after becoming in love with Gemma during the course of the series, he died while attempting to save her, never getting the chance to date her.

Unser drove to Gemma’s father’s house to arrest her after learning that Jax was aware of her role in Tara’s killing in order to protect her. Soon after, Jax showed there and told Wayne to leave. Wayne declined, saying that Gemma was all that was left of him. Jax was apathetic. Jax shot him dead without thinking, then killed Gemma as well.

The torture of Bobby by August Marks

August Marks’ extensive use of torture on Bobby before to his passing was not fair. Bobby was taken hostage and tortured by Marks’ team at the start of the seventh season in an effort to get the Sons to reveal the whereabouts of the preacher’s body.

Even worse, they severed the fingers off his left hand and gouged out his right eye. Given that Bobby hadn’t actually committed serious transgressions during the series, everything seemed a little over the top. A cruel guy like Tig should have been suitable for such a punishment. Sadly, during the talks with Jax, August went all the way and shot Bobby in the head.

Opie Competes Against Goons of Damon Pope

Opie’s demise was an illustration of how one might overcome major obstacles just to be overcome by a tiny one. He avoided what would have been an unintentional demise in the first season by being made to resemble a rat by Agent Stahl. As a result of his switching automobiles with his wife Donna, Tig murdered her while believing it was Opie.

He quickly fell in love once more, only for fate to surprise him. He was imprisoned, and while there, Damon Pope’s men beat him to death. Even worse, it was revealed that his family suffered greatly financially following his passing. He was quite polite for a mobster, so he definitely deserved better.

June Stahl Pays For Opie’s Framing

The June Stahl saga’s resolution was a prime example of getting what you deserve. Opie killed her in a manner that was almost identical to how he killed his wife Donna. After all, it was her nefarious plans that resulted in Donna’s demise. Additionally, Stahl had murdered a number of others, including a boyfriend of hers.

In her most recent major scam, she attempted to implicate Jax, but SAMCRO was aware of the entire operation. She was ultimately cornered by Opie. He sat in the car’s rear seat while aiming a revolver at her head. Opie wasn’t having it as she cried out and pleaded for pardon in character. He used a MAC10 to execute her.

Ethan Zobelle is fortunate

The fact that Ethan Zobelle was able to maintain his composure in any circumstance made him a fantastic villain. Instead of getting his own hands filthy, he preferred to have others handle the nasty labor. He created a lot of pain for SAMCRO in the early seasons, including planning the rape of Gemma.

However, in some of the best literary stories, the villain succeeds, and Ethan Zobelle was one such example. It would have been easy for viewers to see him punished for his crimes, but instead, he left the nation and never returned. He was cornered by the Sons in the store, but fortunately for him, Jax received a call just in time alerting him to Abel’s abduction.

Gemma is punished for killing Tara.

Gemma finally paid the price for telling Jax the Chinese killed Tara. The fact that the series of circumstances was started by the person Gemma loved most—Abel—made the story’s resolution particularly satisfying. Abel overheard Gemma claim that Tara was killed by her, despite the fact that she loves her grandchild. Jax was ultimately informed by Abel, leaving him with no alternative except to murder his wicked mother.

Wendy ultimately has the kids.

Wendy deserved to have a happy ending after everything she’d gone through. She was an addict at the start of the series, and as a result of her activities, her son Abel was born with a medical issue. She eventually healed and changed her life, though, after several failed efforts.

Jax telling Abel that Wendy was in fact his birth mother was the culmination of her long battle for Abel’s affection. Then, Jax made sure to leave Wendy enough money and made plans for her to move in with Nero at his uncle’s house. She would have loved to have married Jax and had a happily ever after, but at least she managed to live in a town where everyone else was dying.

Meets Mr. Mayhem, Clay

None of the characters in Sons of Anarchy had a happy ending, which contributed to the show’s greatness. Despite his transgressions, Clay ought to have had a fair send-off in a normal world. After all, he had been a founding member of SAMCRO and had held the position of President for a considerable amount of time.

Clay didn’t learn of the club’s decision to execute him owing to his prior transgressions until the very last moment. Jax then shot him in the throat as Gemma watched in shock as he turned to look out the window one final time at her. The only person there for Clay’s burial in Stockton Prison was Unser.

Tara Has a Bad Day

Tara’s passing was significant since it was unexpected and startling. She was the only one with a respectable degree and a respectable career in a world of criminals. She should have been the final character left alive when the show finished.

But when Jax struck a bargain in the sixth season to surrender himself up and free Tara and his boys from Charming, fate had other ideas. Gemma eventually came to believe Tara was spying for the club, so she murdered her. This was regrettable given that Jax had told Tara early in the third season that she didn’t belong at Charming, but Tara had chosen to stay out of love.

Jax Teller approaches a truck while riding.

Jax Teller, the protagonist, was no exception to the adage “If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.” Due to Jax’s death of the president of another charter, SAMCRO members eventually decided to vote for him to be “Meet Mr. Mayhem” at the end of the series. He took control of his own fate rather than letting himself be slain.

Jax made sure Nero was keeping Wendy and the children safe. He refused to comply with a request to surrender and rushed off on his bike after the police applied an APB on him. The action came to a head in a dramatic climax in which Jax was pursued by many police cars before willingly colliding with an approaching truck, mirroring the manner of his father’s own demise.