Sons of Anarchy: How Jax Repeated Clay’s Worst SAMCRO Mistakes

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After Clay Morrow was ejected from the club, Jax Teller assumed the position on Sons of Anarchy, but he continued to make the same faults.

When Jax Teller was promoted from vice president to president of the motorcycle club in the Sons of Anarchy series, he attempted to steer the organization in a fresh path but ended up replicating Clay Morrow’s greatest errors.

Sons of Anarchy, a Kurt Sutter production that ran for seven seasons from 2008 to 2014, immersed viewers in the world of motorcycle clubs through drama, betrayals, alliances, and more. Thanks to the main cast’s performances and the series’ themes—such as racism and corruption—Sons of Anarchy has received high marks from reviewers and viewers from the start.

The television series Sons of Anarchy centers on Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the vice president of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle gang in the made-up town of Charming, California.

The series begins when Jax discovers a manifesto written by his late father, John “JT” Teller, one of the MC’s founding members, in which he outlined his goals and visions for the organization, which were significantly dissimilar from those of Clay Morrow, the club’s current president (Ron Perlman). This sets Jax on a personal journey that causes him to reflect on his path, role in the club, relationships, and more. This is in addition to other issues within the club, his family, and outsiders.

Over the course of seven seasons, viewers watched Jax advance from vice president and the club’s future leader to president. While Jax had plans for the club that were based on his father’s manifesto, he ultimately gave in to the pressure and authority that come with being the head of the organization. As SAMCRO’s president, Clay was a feared and dangerous figure. Most of his decisions were made for his own advantage rather than the club’s, and his many lies caused issues for both the group and its members individually, most notably Opie (Ryan Hurst).

For his own protection, Clay kept the club in the business of selling weapons, and in Sons of Anarchy season 4, he convinced the club to join a cartel in smuggling drugs. However, all of these dubious actions eventually caught up with Clay, and he was killed by Jax despite the fact that Jax ultimately made the same mistakes as Clay.

At the conclusion of Sons of Anarchy season 4, Jax was elected president of SAMCRO, which required him to continue his business dealings with the cartel while devising a strategy to leave without harming the club. However, after Opie’s passing and his agreement with Damon Pope, Jax turned violent and irresponsible, and his efforts to steer the organization in a better direction were continually unsuccessful.

While Clay killed Piney and lied about it, which led to him being expelled from the club, Jax killed Jury and also lied about the reason for it, which resulted in a unanimous Mayhem vote for him. Like Clay, Jax began to use violence to solve any problem (and this only grew after Tara’s death), kept information from the rest of the club, and killed members of the club.

Jax was able to steer the club in the right direction, however, as J.T. and Jax’s plans for the club to stop trafficking weapons were finally realized once Chibs assumed the Presidency. Clay, on the other hand, never really intended to steer the club in a direction that would benefit the organization rather than just himself. As presidents of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club, both Clay and Jax ultimately failed, demonstrating that no one has the strength to assume that position and that it is simple to give in to the power that comes along with it. They can even wind up repeating their predecessors’ biggest errors.