Sons of Anarchy: Every SAMCRO Member Who Is Killed Off (& Why). PART I

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Here is how and why each member of SAMCRO perished in Sons of Anarchy over the course of seven seasons.

Over the course of its seven seasons, the popular television show Sons of Anarchy featured numerous fatalities, some of which included club members and occurred in a variety of situations. Sons of Anarchy, a Kurt Sutter creation, ended in 2014 after an outstanding run that was jam-packed with drama, action, and narrative twists. The primary cast’s performances, the tone of Sons of Anarchy, and the subjects it tackled, such as racism and corruption, were all praised from the start.

The motorcycle club Sons of Anarchy in the Californian town of Charming is the subject of the SOA, which centers on Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), its vice president. Jax embarks on a personal trip that causes him to reflect on his life’s direction, place in the club, and relationships after he discovers a manifesto penned by his deceased father. His father’s views and ambitions for the club were significantly different from those of Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), the club’s current president and Jax’s stepfather. This created a lot of drama and strife inside the club, the ramifications of which were felt throughout the entire series.

Because of the high cost of these disputes between SAMCRO members and other biker clubs, some Sons of Anarchy MC members were killed throughout the course of the series. Some by strangers, some by club members, and all of them for various motives. Here is a list of every SAMCRO member slain in Sons of Anarchy, along with their motives.

Kip “Half-Sack” Epps

In Sons of Anarchy seasons 1 and 2, Kip Epps (Johnny Lewis), better known as Half-Sack, was a prospect. Given his status in the organization, he was frequently required to perform tasks that other SAMCRO members didn’t want to, including cleaning the clubhouse, but he also participated in many of the major projects. He was tasked with keeping an eye on Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Tara in season 2, but Gemma went to pursue Polly Zobelle.

Cameron Hayes pursued Half-Sack back to Jax’s house, where he entered and threatened to kill Tara, the daughter of Maggie Siff, and Abel, Jax’s son. Half-Sack attempted to stop Cameron from stabbing Abel to death with a knife, but Cameron stabbed and murdered him instead. Cameron then took Abel to Ireland.

Eric Miles

Three new prospects joined the club after Half-Sack passed away, and Eric Miles was one of them (Frank Potter). After being plugged into SAMCRO in season 4, Eric subsequently learned that Juice (Theo Rossi) had been taking cocaine bricks from the warehouse. Juice attacked him, and when Eric got a knife out, Juice shot him multiple times in the face before accusing him of the crime. Because of this, Eric lost his patch and was shunned; it wasn’t until season 6 that his name was completely cleared.

Piermont “Piney” Winston

Harry “Opie” Winston’s father, Piermont Winston (William Lucking), also known as Piney, was one of the First 9 and a co-founder of the Sons of Anarchy group (Ryan Hurst). Piney withdrew to his secluded cottage in the woods after becoming angry at Clay for involving the club in drug dealing with a cartel. Later, Clay goes to see him and tries to talk to him about the letters that showed Clay and Gemma killed John Teller, but the conversation quickly turns violent, and Clay shoots Piney, making it appear as though the Lobos Sonora cartel committed the murder.

Herman Kozik

Herman Kozik (Kenny Johnson), a SAMCRO member from Tacoma, later switched over to the main group. Due to the murder of Tig Trager’s dog, he had a difficult relationship with Tig, but after they were repeatedly forced to collaborate, things improved significantly. Kozik unintentionally stepped on a land mine when members of the Sons and the Galindo gang came across a field of explosives laid by the Lobos, killing his character coldly.

“Filthy” Phil Russell & V-Lin

“Filthy” One of the most graphic deaths on Sons of Anarchy was that of V-Lin (Walter Wong) and Phil Russell (Christopher Douglas Reed) in season 6. When the Irish (as a result of Jax’s dissolved alliance with the Real IRA) arrived in season 5, Phil and V-Lin were at the club’s weapons warehouse. They killed Phil and V-Lin, then dismembered and displayed their bodies at the warehouse as a message to SAMCRO.