Sons Of Anarchy: Clay’s Most Intimidating Quotes

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On Sons of Anarchy, Clay, played by Ron Perlman, is one of the most menacing characters because he doesn’t play around. These ten quotations demonstrate that.

Even though Sons of Anarchy has been off the air for a time, its influence is difficult to ignore. The incidents that occurred in the tranquil town of Charming are long past. Most of the characters we were familiar with and loved are now deceased. Spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen it: One of the main characters, Clay, was ultimately punished for the destruction he caused and was killed by his own step-son.

Everyone is familiar with Clay Morrow as SAMCRO’s fierce and courageous commander. Well, initially, at least. Although he may have made some extremely dubious decisions, overall he wasn’t someone you wanted to mess with. Everywhere he went, he essentially brought death and destruction, and most of the time he didn’t even feel bad about it.

And that’s what sometimes made him so scary. It’s also how he was able to use some group members as his henchmen essentially whenever he needed to hide something or finish a dirty job. We are counting down the ten times Clay Morrow said things that were extremely threatening in honor of this madman who was brought to the small screen by the incomparable Ron Perlman.

Don’t Mess With Grandpa

“Anything happens to my grandson—anything—I promise you I’m gonna shove a gun barrel up that bony a*s of yours and I’m gonna blow that black heart of yours out.”

Let’s be honest. You would want a granddad like Clay in your camp because you know he will always look out for you. That was how he felt about his grandchildren, Abel and Thomas, who were Jackson’s sons. Everyone intervenes when Abel is abducted. That’s one characteristic of the entire SAMCRO team. They could be fearsome and tough, and they might murder you without hesitation. But one of the most crucial things is family. You may be sure that if you misbehave around any members of the SAMCRO family, you will receive a whooping.

Take His Treats Seriously

“Look, I don’t know what Darby told you, and I don’t know what your angle is. But let me be real clear. Nobody threatens SAMCRO, and nobody tells us what we can and can’t do; black, brown, or white. So why don’t you just climb back into your little German clown car and drive back to Nazi town, because the next time you piss all over my shoes, I will kill you. And I don’t give a sh*t how many witnesses there are.”

Another characteristic of Clay is that. It’s likely that he is not joking if he threatens to murder you. If you’ve offended him in any way, you should probably just flee as quickly as you can. This is especially true if he thinks you’re endangering the club as a whole. To be honest, it’s pretty much true for any SAMCRO member. But you better believe Clay will kill you if he makes statements like this.

Keeping The Pets Safe

“Anything happens to this bird, Gemma will stuff you in this cage, make you wear a beak, and sh*t on newspapers.”

Although technically the threat in this situation comes from the things Gemma is going to do, hearing it from Clay’s mouth is somewhat unsettling. This is what Clay is now telling the potential caretaker of Gemma’s bird. Although the prospect says it seems fair, he undoubtedly feels afraid. That’s a lot of responsibility to place on one tiny bird’s care. To someone who is boarding your dog for the weekend, you wouldn’t say that. Threats, however, are merely a part of reality to SAMCRO.

His Rising Tension With Jax

“Sam Crow deals guns. You had your little romp as porn king. You tied us to prostitution. You got one of our member’s old lady killed.”

Due of the tense context of Clay’s statement to Jax, it is very threatening. Without addressing his own prior behavior, he is blaming Jax of all these fatal errors. Jax is mostly to blame for Opie’s wife’s passing, and to accuse him would be hazardous and hypocritical. These two initially resemble father and son, but throughout the first few seasons, resentment builds up between them. Due to the fact that neither of these two will stop until the other is essentially dead, the tension that develops between Jax and Clay is particularly ominous to witness.

Telling Agent Stahl What’s Up

“You’re a fascist pig, and what Otto did to you is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Agent Stahl, one of SAMCRO’s main foes, is the one to whom Clay is relating this. The death of Opie’s wife, the imprisonment of several club members, the abduction of Abel, and the passing of Half-Sack are all due to Stahl. At this time, Otto, the club’s formidable behind-the-scenes power, has already beaten her up. But Stahl simply won’t give up. The gender of the person Clay is threatening doesn’t really matter to him. He will reprimand anyone he needs to in order to deter them from acting against the interests of the club. Unfortunately for Stahl, she isn’t particularly concerned about Clay’s threats.

An Unexpected Life Lesson

“Nothing more dangerous than a guy who knows he’s already dead.”

Although Clay may have been trying to teach us a simple lesson in life, this statement can also be seen to be highly threatening. The man has been around for a while and, as the club’s president, he has a lot of fantastic advice to provide. In essence, he is saying that a person who believes he has already passed away has nothing left to live for and has virtually no boundaries as to what he will do if provoked. If you ask us, that’s pretty intimidating.