Sons of Anarchy: 10 Most Debatable Life Decisions The Main Characters Made

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The characters on Sons of Anarchy frequently make poor judgment calls and dubious life decisions. The worst of them are listed here.

In theory, good actions should always outweigh bad ones, but in Charming, a made-up town, the contrary seems to be true. Sons of Anarchy characters are prone to making errors. Some errors are tiny, while others are so significant that they not only have an impact on the decision-maker but also ripple effects on people around them.

Chibs is maybe the only character that consistently makes wise decisions in life. So it comes as no surprise that he is still standing at the end of the series. He also takes over as SAMCRO president. Hopefully he won’t abuse his power and become wasted. The key characters made the following perplexing decisions throughout their lives.

Opie resigns from his respectable job to rejoin SAMCRO

Opie has a respectable work as a lumberjack at a nearby timber mill in the first episode of the series. His wife Donna thinks he should stay away from his previous life of crime because he recently came out of prison.

Opie concurs with Donna until Jax appears and persuades him that the club needs his assistance. When Opie decides to return, it ends up costing him a lot. Tig accidentally kills Donna towards the end of the first season due to a case of mistaken identity. In Season 5, Opie returns to jail where he is murdered by Damon Pope’s thugs.

Gemma Receives a Shot from Unser

The situation with Gemma and Unser is really tragic. Unser has a long-standing infatuation on Gemma and even comes out about his love for her. She doesn’t give him a chance though since he’s just not her type. She enjoys gangsters like JT, Clay, and Nero who are at the top of the food chain. She doesn’t care for Unser sexually, but she keeps him around to get favors from him.

As soon as Jax learns that Gemma killed Tara, she returns to her nasty ways. He locates her hiding place and goes there to murder her. However, Unser resolves to attempt and stop Jax since he has been with SAMCRO long enough to understand how street justice works. He says Gemma is all that’s left of him. Why is it the case? Even more, she doesn’t want him. Unser passes away in a very preventable way.

Tig’s Search for Retribution

Members of SAMCRO are informed that two African American males were responsible for Clay being shot by Opie. Tig embarks on an ill-advised vendetta against Laroy out of rage. While he is eating lunch outside a restaurant, he tries to hit him with his automobile but instead hits his girlfriend Veronica. Before taking action, Tig proved to have done his homework.

He’s done a terrible thing since Veronica is Damon Pope’s daughter. Pope kidnaps the SAMCRO member’s daughter and burns her alive while he observes in anguish after learning what Tig did. There is yet more retribution to come. Opie is murdered in jail as a result of Pope’s demand that another group member be slain.

Gemma Slaughters Tara’s Death on the Chinese

Killing Tara would be a mistake in and of itself since Tara is not accountable for what Gemma believes she is. Gemma, however, goes too far by attributing the savage killing to the Chinese.

Jax mercilessly tortures and kills the guy she believes to be the murderer. The individual wasn’t even in the state at the time of the murder, it is subsequently discovered. Many innocent guys are killed as a result of SAMCRO’s retribution against the Chinese. Gemma chooses to sit back and smile as the slaughter continues rather than retracting her lie.

Bobby Injures Otto’s Elderly Lady

Bobby is chosen to be Cara Cara’s accountant in Season 2. His astute observation reveals that Otto’s Old Lady Luann Delaney, who also happens to be the business’s proprietor, is scamming SAMCRO. She asks what her penalty will be, and he replies that the club will decide.

Concerned, Luann gives Bobby sex to conceal her financial transgressions. He sleeps with Luann and handles the books despite the fact that he is aware she is the jailed wife of a SAMCRO member. He prevents the club from receiving crucial funds in this manner. Otto chooses to inform on him after learning what transpired.

Domestic Violence Incident involving Clay

Clay for some reason thinks it would be a good idea to target Tara. He attempts to cancel it, but he is unsuccessful, just like he couldn’t with Donna. Fortunately, Tara makes it through with only her hand hurt. He brutally assaults Gemma when she confronts him about it.

Their relationship turns around as a result of this. Gemma no longer loves him after the attack. No longer does Clay have that lone supporter who will stand by him even when he does an idiotic act. Ultimately, Gemma falls in love with Nero, and Clay utterly loses her.

Juice Turns Into A Spy

One of Juice’s judgments is among the most puzzling in the entire series. Juice doesn’t put up much of a fight when AUSA Potter singles him out as a weak link and targets him. Juice agrees to become an informant in order to keep the identity of her father, who is black, a secret when Roosevelt threatens to reveal it to the other SAMCRO members.

Juice ought to have told his coworkers the truth straight away rather than ratting them out. Even though African Americans weren’t previously permitted to join SAMCRO, he wasn’t likely to be in trouble for it if he wasn’t an informant. However, he first keeps it a secret, and in an effort to defend himself, he even murders fellow SAMCRO member Miles.

Wendy’s Substance Abuse

The majority of Wendy’s problems throughout the series are caused by her drug addiction. Because she is deemed unsuitable to be a mother, she is separated from her kid. She is forced to suffer through watching her ex-new boyfriend’s partner raise her kid Abel.

Also directly impacted by Wendy’s failure to control her drug use is her kid, who is born with a congenital defect. And just when her recovery was going well, she relapsed once more in Season 6. She is found unconscious by Nero and Unser. After that, she returns to a recovery center.

Tara Accepts Being Jax’s Grandmother

In Season 4, Tara consents to Jax taking over as SAMCRO’s leader. She agrees to play his Old Lady in a famous moment when she stands behind his clubhouse seat (much like Gemma did). It’s surprising that she does this considering how long she’s wanted to leave Charming.

She is aware that the town is a bad environment for her to raise her children. She is also aware that Jax’s illegal profession is bad for both him and her. Despite this, she persists and descends ever farther into Charming’s violence and turmoil. She should delay making a decision until Jax consents to leave the town with her, given the amount of power she wields over him.

Jax Crashes Into A Truck With His Bike

Jax doesn’t have to commit suicide—after all, this is Hamlet, and that is how the tale must finish. He is imitating his father JT by smashing his bike into a vehicle. JT’s death, however, was not of his own choosing in the same way. Clay and Gemma’s plot involved tampering with his motorcycle’s engine.

Jax’s two kids, who had known their mother their whole lives, suddenly passed away. They would be devastated to lose him as well, but he never thinks about it. Jax could have needed to flee, go into hiding, establish a new life somewhere else, or just take his chances behind bars.