Mayans MC: Sons Of Anarchy Characters Who Has Appeared On The Spin-Off So Far

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The spinoff series Mayans M.C. delighted fans of the biker drama Sons of Anarchy, and when characters from both appeared, their joy increased.

The spinoff series Mayans M.C., created by series creator Kurt Sutter and the FX network, was welcomed by fans of the biker drama Sons of Anarchy. Like its predecessor, Mayans MC has received positive reviews from critics; the second season even received a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unexpectedly, FX dismissed Kurt Sutter for acting inappropriately on the set, replacing him as showrunner with Elgin James. James worked on both programs’ writing teams, so viewers shouldn’t worry about a shift in tone. A few original series survivors (and dead ones) made an appearance in Mayans MC as well. Here are the ones that we have already seen.


One of the few Sons of Anarchy characters that wasn’t wicked or violent was Chucky. He was initially presented in the first series as an oddball and frequent masturbator who was looking for SAMCRO’s protection. He gave them a significant amount of money, but it turned out to be phony.

His fingers were hacked off by the Triads when SAMCRO traded him to them for his inability to control his urges to reproduce. Later, he returned to work at SAMCRO’s clubhouse and demonstrated his loyalty to the organization. When Jax was set to kill Gemma, he was last seen caring about her. In the first season of Mayans MC, Chucky made a comeback, this time taking on the role as the club’s bookkeeper.

Lincoln Potter

The RICO case was used by Assistant US Attorney Lincoln Potter in Sons of Anarchy to try to bring down SAMCRO, but his attempts were thwarted since other federal agencies’ priorities were higher than his. Potter was compelled to back down because the CIA wanted the Sons to keep providing weapons.

At Season One’s sixth episode, “Gato/Mis,” Potter made his debut in Mayans MC to observe the Mayans clubhouse. He was now concentrating on the Galindo Cartel and the Mayans. He became more involved in Season 2, hiring a squad of mercenaries to eliminate the Los Olvidados gang.


Gemma would be the most despised TV character ever if it weren’t for Katey Sagal’s outstanding portrayal in the part. Even the devil could recoil at the length of her litany of misdeeds. Her worst transgression was murdering Tara and attributing it to the Chinese. This sparked a wave of violent crimes that resulted in the deaths of several individuals, including Bobby. When Jax eventually murdered her, the fans rejoiced.

In a flashback sequence from Mayans MC, Gemma was still visible. She was pictured paying a SAMCRO inmate a visit at Stockton Prison. She first meets Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, the main character of the spin-off, on this trip.

Marcus Alvarez

Marcus Alvarez, the president of the Mayans, was originally presented in Sons of Anarchy as a significant foe of the Sons. He gave the order for his club to steal weapons from SAMCRO, which precipitated a protracted conflict between the two biker gangs. However, due to his shared enemies with SAMCRO as the show went on, Mayans turned out to be an ally of SAMCRO.

It was anticipated that he will feature in Mayans MC. He was still in charge of the club’s Oakland charter at the start of the spin-off series. This time, he was sporting a patch that read “El Padrino,” which is Spanish for “Godfather.” The infamous Mexican drug lord Miguel Felix Gallardo, who served as the main character in Narcos: Mexico’s first and second seasons, was also known by the nickname “El Padrino.”


One of the most brutal SAMCRO members was Happy. Prior to joining the Charming charter full-time, he was first a Nomad. He also didn’t speak much, despite constantly appearing in the episodes.

Happy made a comeback in Mayans MC’s inaugural season, this time sporting a grey beard. He was identified as the killer of EZ and Angel’s mother. He did it while he was a Nomad, and EZ just happened to spot him running away. He was tortured by EZ and Angel in Season 2 before finally confessing that Les Packer, the president of SAMDINO, had given him the order to kill their parents.


One of the more sober SAMCRO members was Chibs. He wasn’t impulsive or needlessly aggressive. The luxury of dating a sheriff was also available to him, something that most gangsters could only imagine. He and Irish criminal Jimmy O had a bitter rivalry that is difficult to forget. When “Jackie Boy” (as he sometimes called Jax) departed the role at the end of the series, Chibs was given the SAMCRO presidency as compensation.

Chibs would return in the “Kukulkan” episode of Mayans MC from Season 2 to talk about a gun trade with the Valtos Malditos and the Mayans. The two factions decided to go to war instead after that deal didn’t work out too well.

Rane Quinn

Quinn never had a very compelling plot in the first series, but he frequently showed up in shots that featured every SAMCRO member at once. He was the president of the Nomad charter and a member of the Indian Hills charter prior to joining SAMCRO.

After Jax passed away, Quinn remained with SAMCRO. In the Mayans MC Season One finale, he and Happy may be seen arriving at the Mayans’ clubhouse for a party. He reappeared in Season 2 when Chibs and the Mayans explored a contract that would facilitate the shipment of weapons from Mexico for both clubs.