Mayans M.C. Does Some Things Better Than Sons of Anarchy

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Alternative Mayans M.C. was developed following the popularity of Sons of Anarchy, and it really performs a number of things better than the original program.

Sons of Anarchy, which ran for a total of seven seasons, enthralled viewers around with its interesting motorcycle gang idea, bloody action scenes, and likeable characters. As Jax Teller and Gemma Teller Morrow, respectively, Charlie Hunnam and Katey Segal won significant praise for their performances. The show is still broadcast on multiple media platforms, including Netflix.

The spinoff series Mayans M.C. has seen tremendous financial success. was made, and the first episode of it aired in September 2018. There are a few ways in which this exciting spinoff has maybe outdone the original series, even if it still has a long way to go before surpassing the popularity of its predecessor.

Effective Scenes from the Past

The first season of the show introduced viewers to vivid flashbacks from EZ’s past that were brought on by contemporary occurrences that were representative of those incidents. This includes the incident where he struck the policeman at the casino and the first episode’s scene where he drove by his former high school and thought back on his relationship with Emily Thomas.

Such flashbacks not only pique viewers’ interest in learning more about EZ’s history, but they also bring back classic Sons of Anarchy tropes that diehard fans still treasure, like the time Gemma Teller Morrow made a surprise appearance while incarcerated in the same jail where Emily paid EZ a visit.

EZ’s Gift

Jax Teller has a lot of admirable qualities, but none are as distinctive as EZ’s extraordinary photographic recall. His first display of this ability was when he recognized a rival Samoan gang member by the tattoo on his wrist after he had hijacked a significant cargo. From that point on, he has used this skill to get the Mayans out of a variety of situations throughout the series.

While there are many abilities that may be readily imitated by others, his brother Angel stated to the crew that EZ has used this ability his entire life and that this is a special quality that enables EZ to be an indispensable part of the squad.

The Concentration on Each Subplot Is Better Ratio

Even though Jax’s tale on Sons of Anarchy was brief from start to finish, the quantity of action that fans were accustomed to witnessing in each episode was uneven. While some episodes had loads of brutal violence, tense talks, and family disputes, others looked to be much slower paced, which occasionally caused a loss of momentum.

However, it seems as though each episode of Mayans M.C. gives each aspect of storytelling the time it needs, with the motorcycle club’s activities taking center stage while EZ’s past, personal life, and the stories of supporting characters receive attention when it’s appropriate. This results in a well-rounded but quick-moving journey.

Characters with Supporting Roles Share the spotlight

Tig, Chibs, Juice Ortiz, and Bobby Munson, members of SAMCRO, appear to spend the most of their days in the background with little attention paid to their character development in Sons of Anarchy. This is not to argue that these characters did not get their day in the spotlight; rather, it is to say that it was very brief.

In Mayans M.C., greater effort is put into highlighting the storylines of secondary characters, such as EZ’s father Felipe’s struggles with widowhood, Emily’s grief over her son being kidnapped, and Angel’s love interest in Adelita.

A World That’s Simpler to Understand

No matter if they saw the first film or not, all viewers will be able to grasp the introduction to the Mayan cosmos. Audience members are reintroduced to characters like Marcus Alvarez who previously featured on Sons of Anarchy when they return in Mayans so that even people who have never seen Sons of Anarchy can comprehend the function they play in what is otherwise a complex universe.

The Mayans’ failed attempt to protect a cargo in the premiere episode did a good job of illustrating how risky their job is, and it also emphasized early on in the series how serious their business connections with Miguel Galindo were.

EZ’s narrative feels more finished than Jax’s.

Jaxx was already the Vice President of SAMCRO when we first saw him, divorced, with a child on the way, and most of his ties with other Cub members were already established. This meant that viewers had never actually experienced Pax’s life before he became well-known, which meant that a lot of character development had been lost.

EZ, on the other hand, is a fresh recruit to the Mayans’ ranks who was just let out of jail. He is still in the early stages of his career with the Mayans M.C., so fans will get to see him on his path to personal development even if there are still parts of his background that they don’t know about.