HOTD: Why Storm’s End Is So Important: What Show Is Setting Up

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The Baratheons’ significance in the Targaryen civil war is emphasized by the greens, hinting at a tragic showdown at Storm’s End.

WARNING! This article contains major SPOILERS for Fire & Blood and House of the Dragon season 1, episode 9!

One of the most heartbreaking scenes in House of the Dragon, which takes place at the Baratheons’ mansion in Storm’s End, is skillfully set up by Tyland Lannister. The Targaryen civil war has finally been shown in House of the Dragon, and season 1 will end with a particularly horrific incident. Otto Hightower and Tyland Lannister discuss which houses they still need to appeal to for support as the green council stage a coup in King’s Landing. In episode 9 of House of the Dragon, it is emphasized that House Baratheon could lean in either direction and that military might and strategic location are crucial factors in winning. As a result, the Targaryen black and green factions’ top priority is to appeal to Storm’s End.

The Dance of the Dragons, which is a horrific turning point in the conflict, is built up with the mention of Storm’s End in House of the Dragon episode 9 before the actual fights start. The blacks of Rhaenyra will send her son Lucerys Velaryon to Storm’s End, while the greens of Aegon will send Aemond Targaryen. The two engage in combat at Storm’s End, according to George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood novel, with Aemond pulling his blade and vocally insulting Lucerys. Luke, who had previously dismissed Aemond’s provocations by insisting that he had just been sent as an emissary, fled on his dragon Arrax, but Aemond and Vhagar chased him over Shipbreaker Bay. Lucerys and his dragon are tragically killed after a brief conflict.

Why Lucerys is killed by Aemond in Storm’s End

There was no justification for attacking his nephew given that Aemond had just secured Storm’s End’s support for the greens over the blacks. Aemond was determined to maintain his authority over Rhaenyra’s sons, especially Luke, who removed Aemond’s eye during a battle in House of the Dragon episode 7, even though the war had already started. Additionally, Luke participated in a childhood prank on Aemond involving a dragon-costumed pig (though Aegon was the one who started it), and teenage Lucerys later teased Aemond when a roasted pig was placed in front of him at dinner. Aemond had been mocked by Lucerys, even if it hadn’t been intentionally done, and their confrontation at Storm’s End provided him with his best opportunity to exact revenge.

Since claiming Vhagar, Aemond had become more violent and vicious, and he felt forced to defend himself against anybody who dared to make fun of or neglect him. Being face to face with his nephew Lucerys at Storm’s End and knowing he would win provided Aemond the sense of supremacy he sought since he had unresolved grudges against him. King Aegon II Targaryen defended Aemond’s murderous deeds under the pretense of war, even though he would have wanted to kill Luke regardless. However, House of the Dragon will demonstrate that Aemond’s careless kinslaying doesn’t go unpunished, drawing ire not only from Rhaenyra’s black party but also from Otto and Alicent.

The Dance of the Dragons and the Impact of Lucerys’ Death

Luke’s tragic murder causes the Dance of the Dragons to be defined by blood and fire rather than pacts and allegiances, which alters the dynamics of the Targaryen civil war. Before the greens and blacks met at Storm’s End, there had never been a battle, but Luke and Aemond’s “fight” over Shipbreaker Bay put an end to that. The House of the Dragon’s war will be brutal on both sides after Lucerys’ death, and the subsequent dragon battles will be completely disastrous.

Aemond killing Lucerys caused the instant demand for vengeance, with the blacks’ retribution being considerably more abhorrent than the greens’ crime, even though the blacks had not yet engaged in considerable firing on the green group. A direct reaction to Lucerys’ murder will be the horrible “Blood and Cheese” scene in House of the Dragon, in which the butcher Blood and the ratcatcher Cheese behead the six-year-old Prince Jaehaerys Targaryen in front of his mother Helaena Targaryen. The killing of Lucerys and Jaehaerys, also known as the “son for a son” incident, ushers in a period of extreme cruelty for both Rhaenyra’s blacks and Aegon’s greens.