Game of Thrones star’s new movie confirms release date as it reveals new trailer

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The new movie Attachment, which stars Ellie Kendrick from Game of Thrones, now has a release date and a new trailer.

The horror movie, which marks Danish director Gabriel Bier Gislason’s feature debut, will be available worldwide starting on February 9 exclusively on Shudder.

In the HBO fantasy series Attachment, Kendrick played Meera Reed. In the film, she plays Leah, an academic writer who falls in love with Maja, a failing Danish actress (Josephine Park). Maja takes Leah back to her childhood home after she had a seizure. where she encounters Sofie Grbl, the domineering and enigmatic mother of Leah.

The somber teaser depicts Maja settling comfortably while moving to London with Leah, but she gradually grows increasingly uneasy when her girlfriend’s mother appears. While there will surely be a few jump scares, it appears that the weird atmosphere will provide the most of the thrills and shivers.

A “fresh twist on the demonic dybbuk sub-genre in horror,” the movie, which has premiered at both the Tribeca and London film festivals, is praised for its “sincere and intimate” narrative and “campy” humorous flair.

Gislason, who has known Park for a long time, is said to have loosely inspired and written the story for her. Attachment will present a “very sympathetic depiction of the culture that originated them” thanks to the impact of Yiddish folklore.

In 16 episodes of Game of Thrones, Kendrick made her debut as Meera in the third season. She left the program in 2017, long before the divisive season finale, in which both fans and detractors lamented the lack of character growth in several of the actors.

In a recent interview, the actor who portrayed Grey Worm on the show said he wasn’t shocked some fans didn’t like the season finale: “To be honest, I expected people to not like it, even though I liked it. I anticipated things would irritate people,” he added.

Shudder will begin streaming Attachment on February 9.

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