First trailer for Stranger Things and Captain America stars’ new Netflix movie

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The first We Have a Ghost trailer, starring Anthony Mackie from Captain America and David Harbour from Stranger Things, has been released.

The new Netflix film centers on a family who moves into a new house only to learn that it is haunted by a ghost named Ernest (Harbour), who is not your normal poltergeist that causes you to jump out of your skin.

When they upload film of Ernest online, they go viral and become famous, but the CIA targets the family when the mystery surrounding the ghost’s past is revealed.

In the opening scene, Harbour displays his comedic skills in an understated performance, giving the impression of a comedy-filled journey.

What’s not to appreciate about Jennifer Coolidge’s crazy medium role who then jumps out of a window when Ernest displays a particularly bloody talent?

Merry Death Day! The film is written and directed by Christopher Landon, and Tig Notaro from Army of the Dead also stars.

When asked about We Have a Ghost in an earlier interview with Empire Magazine, Landon said: “[David and I] talked about how underlying all of the misery and memory loss, there were still the seeds of a man who was genuinely loving, a touch cheeky, and clever.

I found it appealing because Ernest had the appearance of a tax accountant who had been through a beating.

I really wanted to use some muscles that I felt like I possessed but hadn’t been able to use yet, he continued of the story. One of them is this expansive, moving story that really pays off at the conclusion.

The movie We Have a Ghost will debut on Netflix on February 24.

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